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Canoo takes the covers off of its debut electric vehicle

Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 raises 30M backed by Goldman Sachs

Apple to compensate teenager who found Group FaceTime eavesdrop bug

Twitter returns after an hourlong outage

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Sam Altmans bet against Slack

6dai opens up its beta

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Google will bring its Assistant to Android Messages

Get popcorn for iOS 13s privacy popups of creepy Facebook data grabs

Particle brings an LTE cellular model to market for networked devices working off of 2G and 3G

Snap is channeling Asias messaging giants with its move into gaming

Huawei can buy from US suppliers again but things will never be the same

Mondaycom raises 150M more now at 19B valuation for workplace collaboration tools

Alibaba will let you find restaurants and order food with voice in a car

One day Googles Fuchsia OS may become a real thing

8 million Android users tricked into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

JetPack Aviation raises 2M to build the prototype of its flying motorcycle

SinoUS investment firms are targeting over 4 billion for new funds launched this year

Toyota doubles down on Nvidia tech for selfdriving cars

Clues in Microsoft Windows builds point to new streamlined standalone operating system report says

Melonee Wise and Anca Dragan will be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

The best VC on Instagram is now VCbacked

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Tencent CEO warns companies must keep innovating to survive amid USChina tensions

China Roundup: Tencents new US gaming studio and WeChats new paywall

Business Development : Robot Operating System ROS Market Analysis Size Share Growth Trends and Forecast 2026

Ally raises 8M Series A for its OKR solution

Reddit user buys Pixel 28230but discovers it has no software

UnitedMasters releases iPhone app for DIY crossservice music distribution

Fintech platform Synapse raises 33M to build the AWS of banking

Facebooks ad team shoots itself in the foot by pulling Elizabeth Warren campaign ads

You know you love Windows 95 and now its an app

A first look at Amazons new delivery drone

Autify raises 25M seed round for its nocode software testing platform

Foxconn halts some production lines for Huawei phones according to reports

TikTok parent Bytedance is reportedly working on its own smartphone

Yac is reinventing voicemail for the Slack generation

OpenFin raises 17 million for its OS for finance

Foxconn halts production lines for Huawei phones according to reports

Apple Amazon Google Microsoft and Mozilla release patches for ZombieLoad chip flaws

Apple says iPhones remain on sale in China following court injunction

Windows 10 is now the most popular desktop operating system in the world

Apple restores Googles internal iOS apps after certificate misuse punishment

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Huawei calls hackers to Munich for secret bug bounty meeting

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Against the Slacklash

Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Altas remains