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Amazon donating an additional 25M to aid underserved Seattlearea students during pandemic

Planning for the uncertain future of work

Microsoft adds 250 million to Seattle housing pledge bringing total commitment to 750M

This venture capital fund wants investors as passionate as philanthropists

Financial institutions can support COVID19 crowdfunding campaigns

His legacy will live on forever: Death of Paul Allen brings reaction from the many worlds he touched

CEO Howard Lerman on building a public company and the future of Yext

Bill Gates pledges 100 million of his own fortune to fight Alzheimers

Priscilla Chan to discuss Chan Zuckerberg Initiative at Disrupt SF

Why AI needs more social workers with Columbia Universitys Desmond Patton

Young founder of cloud unicorn HashiCorp giving back to Univ of Washington with millions in scholarship aid

Facebook launches 1B affordable housing initiative joining tech peers trying to close the gap

Has the fight over privacy changed at all in 2019

Ballmer Group gives 38M to bolster Washington states ailing mental health services

Larry Pages secret war on the flu

How Carl Pope helped drive a 500 million pledge to push the US Beyond Carbon Part 2

Decarbon8 names the first three startups for its climatefocused philanthropic investment fund

Jeff Bezos focus on space spending sparks questions about philanthropy

New Decarbon8US impact fund lets anyone make a philanthropic gift to climatesaving entrepreneurs

ChanZuckerberg Initiative gives 68M to fund Human Cell Atlas projects

Can Big Tech solve the housing crisis The politics of private companies taking on public issues

Fast Forward raises new war chest to fight Silicon Valleys inequality machine

Equity initiative formed by Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Scott lands 10M more in funding

Lets give tech philanthropists the benefit of the doubt on COVID19

To build responsibly tech needs to do more than just hire chief ethics officers

The Pill Club is donating 5000 units of emergency contraception

MacKenzie Bezos now MacKenzie Scott lists organizations receiving some of her vast wealth

Paul G Allen Family Foundation giving 14M in COVID19 relief aimed at underserved communities

MacKenzie Bezos promises to give away half her fortune highlighting Jeff Bezos absence from Giving Pledge

Seattlearea engineer and Arizona teacher join billionaires crew for charity space trip

Learn how to help build a sustainable gig economy at Disrupt SF

Amazon enlists Prime Air jet in cancer fight aiming to take charitable profile to new heights

GoFundMe launches free platform for nonprofits and charities rolls out button to donate anywhere

How tech entrepreneurs think of Universal Basic Income

MacKenzie Scott gives 4B to 384 organizations as she calls pandemic a wrecking ball for Americans

Announcing Sight Tech Global an event on the future of AI and accessibility for people who are blind or visually impaired

Jeff Bezos Day 1 Families Fund awards 1059M to 42 nonprofits in third year of initiative

TLDR: Paul Allens 100K donation to help GOP Amazon briefly becomes 1T company latest philanthropic efforts by Amazon

The climate is our biggest threat Carl Pope is fighting to change our fate

MacKenzie Bezos Amazon CEOs exwife sells 400M in stock after pledge to give away billions

Amazon donating an additional 27M to aid underserved Seattlearea students during pandemic

Rebuilding employee philanthropy from the bottom up

Gates Foundations new nonprofit venture will boost innovations for farmers facing climate change

Geeks Give Back: Its time for the technology community to step up and give

How Apples new 25B housing initiative stacks up vs Microsoft Amazon and other tech giants

From Amazon to Zillow new coalition of tech titans will rally their workers around citys tough problems

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hires to donate tech not just money

Microsofts Erik Arnold merges passion for tech and philanthropy to help nonprofits gain digital success

Young founder of 1B HashiCorp giving back to Univ of Washington with millions in scholarship aid

How Andrew Carnegie set the stage for Bill Gates to give away his fortune altering philanthropy forever