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Makers or breakers

Andreessen Horowitzs Sriram Krishnan on crypto social networking

App Annie acquires analytics firm Libring bringing adtechrelated insights to its platform

Jumbotail raises 142 million for its wholesale marketplace in India

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Chaka opens up global investing to Africas most populous nation

Audit Facebook and overhaul competition law say MEPs responding to breach scandals

The portrait of an avatar as a young artist

Google tightens UK policy on financial ads after watchdog pressure over scams

Blockchain Market in Supply Chain is expected to reach 42424 million by 2023 with a CAGR of 4837

Jio Platforms backs SFbased AR gaming startup Krikey

Going after social commerce for sportspeople Millions gets 10M

Obama says social media is well designed to destroy democracies

Fabula AI is using social spread to spot fake news

Pragma is a backend toolkit for gaming companies so game developers can focus on games

UK names five projects to get funding for CSAM detection

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Google and Facebook must pay media for content reuse says Australia

UKs Digital Markets Unit starts work on procompetition reforms

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Data collection isnt the problem: Its what companies are doing with it

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Why were looking into the Mueller report

Primitives wants to turn your crypto wallet into a social network

Brexit backers insurance firm and leave campaign fined 120k by data watchdog

Egyptian health and wellness platform Esaal raises 17M to scale across MENA