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Week in Geek: Magic Leaps first product revealed what Bill Gates gave his Secret Santa and more

Outreach training and culture add: How tech can turn the corner on diversity and inclusion

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Headphones AI and humanity: What these AirMuffs say about the future of technology

Equity Shot: Lyft is public what does that mean for other IPOready unicorns

Podcasts are coming to Plex followed by web series and other digital media

Equity podcast: Coinbase buys a startup Discords a unicorn and Netflix soars

Now Streaming: Join StartupNation Radio Live From Detroit Startup Week

Week in Geek: Amazons delivery robot the app that helped AOC and a rough game for the Surface Pro

The Operators: Understanding your user The art and science of UIUX behind Facebook Google Mint and Edmodo

Spotify advertisers can now target listeners by what podcasts they stream

Week in Geek Podcast: Trump vs Bezos and the next wave of Seattle tech IPOs

Sciencefiction master Neal Stephenson blends high tech and high fantasy in Fall

Health Tech Podcast: The Quadfather has a message for techies accessibility should not be an addon

Want to start a podcast Heres all the training and gear youll need

GeekWire Podcast: Why millennials love Amazon the Uber for kids and Microsoft the Musical

CVS Amazon and the mass freakout: How tech is reshaping the healthcare industry

StartupNation Radio Broadcasts from Detroit Startup Week with CoHost RJ King Day 1

WeWork and Uber are proof valuations are meaningless

Get Cowin wireless headphones on sale for less than 50 and transform your commute

Tune In: GeekWires Health Tech Podcast live with startup vet Mike McSherry and Providence exec Mary Haggard

Washington AG Bob Ferguson talks Trump reining in Big Tech and rumors of a gubernatorial bid

Equity is not always the answer

DeRay Mckesson talks racial wealth gap and mass incarceration on CTRLT

The Operators: Finance in startups with Duda CFO Stephanie Hsiung and Zeus Livings Head of Finance Mark Kang

Join us for a live GeekWire Podcast event this week Elevator Pitch winners share startup secrets

Week In Geek Podcast: Whole Foods delivery via Amazon Prime Now and a special dispatch from GeekWire HQ2

Spotify turns its personalization technology to podcasts with launch of Your Daily Podcasts

Why Apple is slamming Facebook hard

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Podcast app Castbox raises 135 million launches its own original programming

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GeekWire Podcast: Apple acquires Xnorai Microsofts bold climate plan Seattle startup trivia

Equity Monday: A global selloff MURAL snags 23M and two unicorns that cant raise

Twitter buys a startup to battle harassment ecigs are booming and a meditation app is worth 250M

Big meditation money new VC funds and how do you value Airbnb

Equity Shot: A deep dive into the Uber S1

Is it really time to break up Big Tech A reality check on Sen Warrens ambitious proposal

Lessons from the Bushmen: How this techfree society could foreshadow our technological future

Facebooks debacle 100M rounds and Slack links up with Atlassian

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How Cameo Survived a Public Relations Nightmare

Roboticist Gil Weinberg talks about our weird android future