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Amazon and Microsoft diverge on approach to housing crisis in their home region

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How many unicorns are just piatas filled with expired candy

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Why expensive workout gear is actually cheap

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From Microsoft VP to law student: What this execs career transition says about AI and the law

Coronavirus and the future of vaccines: Inside the quest to develop faster responses to pandemics

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Finding fraud in a world of fastmoving deals

Amazons Halo tests the limits of personal privacy and offers a glimpse of the future of health

The future is flying cars rockets and diabetesdetecting Apple Watches

Steve Ballmer breaks down the numbers behind the LA Clippers historic NBA playoff comeback win

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How the COVID19 pandemic has already changed health care technology and whats next

The new alchemy is turning gold to crypto

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Michael Spath Breaks Down NIL in College Sports

Verticallyfarmed wasabi arugula isnt a hypothetical

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Seattle Art Museums firstever CTO sculpts SAMs technology future on a nonprofit budget

Spotify acquires podcast tech company Whooshkaa which turns radio broadcasts into ondemand audio