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France overhauls its special visa for tech talent

Facebook starts its facial recognition push to Europeans

UK data watchdog still waiting for warrant to raid Cambridge Analytica

Mozilla hires former Google executive as its new policy and security chief

AI spots legal problems with tech TCs in GDPR research project

How Juul made vaping viral to become worth a dirty 38 billion

HQ2 fight continues as New York City and Seattle officials hold antiAmazon summit

China is funding the future of American biotech

Elizabeth Warren also wants to break up Apple

Google lays outs narrow EU election advertiser policy ahead of 2019 vote

Australia rushes its dangerous antiencryption bill into parliament despite massive opposition

Zuck apologizes for Cambridge Analytica scandal with fullpage print ad

Solving the affordability crisis one Chattanooga at a time

Trumps Twitter account temporarily deactivated due to employee error

Senate plans disastrous tax on vesting that could kill stock compensation

Economic development organizations: good or bad for entrepreneurial activity

Facebooks dark ads problem is systemic

Children are being datafied before weve understood the risks report warns

Washington sues Facebook and Google over failure to disclose political ad spending

Brexit data transfer gaps a risk for UK startups MPs told

China opens Nasdaqstyle board to lure tech firms back home

GDPR has cut ad trackers in Europe but helped Google study suggests

Zuckerberg will testify before Congress on April 11

Sean Parkers BrigadeCauses acquired by govtech app Countable

UN warns over human rights impact of a digital welfare state

Heres how Russia targeted its fake Facebook ads and how those ads performed

Macron defends his startupfriendly policies

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn reiterates need to fight for open internet

Robinhood said to not be properly insured to offer checking savings

How far are you willing to go for growth

Facebook will allow you to see all the active ads from any Page

A diversity and inclusion playbook

Twitter also sold data access to Cambridge Analyticalinked researcher

Google lays out narrow EU election advertiser policy ahead of 2019 vote

Google fined 211M for search bias in India

Frances telecom regulator thinks net neutrality should also apply to devices

The FCC just repealed net neutrality What happens next

Here are the experts who will help shape Europes AI policy

Signal could get kicked out of Amazon Web Services

Amazons visas for foreignborn workers surge 78 as H1B approvals shift from Indian IT firms to US tech companies

Technical ignorance is not leadership

Diving into TED2019 the state of social media and internet behavior

Where is the EU going on tech and competition policy

CFIUS Cometh: What this Obscure Agency Does and Why It Matters to Your Fund or Startup

Congress grills Facebook Twitter Google on shells hiding election meddlers

Expert Panel: What even IS tech ethics

EU parliament pushes for Zuckerberg hearing to be live streamed

Trump and Clinton spent 81M on US election Facebook ads Russian agency 46K

US announces timeline for 25 tariff on Chinese tech products

Leaving for a competitor Onboarding new employees Avoid accusations of trade secret theft