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Democrats slam consolidation and power in Big Tech during presidential debate

Twitter bans Trump accounts again and again and again and again

California democrats to reintroduce net neutrality bill Heres what you need to know

Amazon warns onerous privacy regulations could hinder innovation in Senate hearing

Facebooks Oversight Board upholds Trumps suspension

Does Amazon pay enough in taxes Source says local tax bill was 297M last year

Interview: Sen Maria Cantwell on the fight for net neutrality Facebook hearings and TMobile merger

President Biden doubles down on immigration agenda but tech priorities take a backseat

EveryAction acquires Mobilize the Democratic volunteering platform

Tech experts agree its time to regulate artificial intelligence if only it were that simple

Instagram refused to run an HIV preventative drug campaign because it contained politics

We need to talk about that ridiculous Congressional hearing on encryption

Seattle officials visit New York with warnings about Amazon: They thought they could bury us

The Riveter launches 2020 presidential speaker series hosting Buttigieg Harris and Gillibrand

Pentagon remains hellbent on using a singleprovider cloud for Project JEDI

Facebook faces Congress: 5 key takeaways from Mark Zuckerbergs hearing

TLDR: Paul Allens 100K donation to help GOP Amazon briefly becomes 1T company latest philanthropic efforts by Amazon

US politicians can now pay for sponsored content on Facebook

Balancing act: What Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkans short tenure says about running a tech hub

Facebook announces its cracking down on both QAnon and Antifa

Policymakers admit they need to get more intelligent about artificial intelligence

Watch an Iowa caucus workers perfect response after a voter discovers Pete Buttigieg is gay

Amazon lays out positions on privacy immigration climate and other issues on new policy page

Trump may demand TikTok8217s Chinese owners sell it and guess who may be interested

50 US states and territories launch antitrust probe into Googles potential monopolistic behavior

White House lists security tech AI energy and space among RD priorities for 2021

Elon Musk: Everyone developing AI must be regulated even Tesla

White House partners with Amazon Microsoft and others on quantum science education initiative

How Universal Basic Income changes the future

Israel is looking to launch a national cryptocurrency

Amazon shareholders seek moratorium on facial recognition sales to government climate change action and other political goals

Were entering the age of digital nationalism and this will only benefit big tech

Think more share less: Fake news researchers offer tips to avoid online manipulation

Bloomberg memes push Instagram to require sponsorship disclosure

Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in political ads

Amazon sets meeting with Seattle officials in effort to improve relationship with its hometown

Microsoft president says WA state privacy bill could impact facial recognition technology globally

How the 2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package impacts startups

US joins G7 AI alliance to counter Chinas influence

In new book Microsoft cautions humanity to develop AI ethics guidelines now

Apple and Google bow to pressure in Russia to remove Kremlin critics tactical voting app

Breaking: Judge blocks Microsoft from working on Pentagons 10B JEDI contract pending Amazons lawsuit

Trump administrations new AI principles seek to limit regulatory overreach to promote innovation

Amazon Facebook and other big companies to attend a White House AI summit Thursday

RIP net neutrality: Ajit Pais fuck you to the American people becomes official

Trump abolished the Cybersecurity Coordinator position Maybe hell build a huge fire wall

YouTube removes proSyrian government channels as Bashar alAssad mounts attack

Seattle progressives fired up over Amazons 145M spending on local elections

Predictive policing is a scam that perpetuates systemic bias

Mike Bloomberg met a dog and decided to shake its mouth