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Man wearing MAGA hat not victim of religious discrimination for getting kicked out of a bar Judge says

Nigerias ruling party may have sold its verified Twitter handle to John McAfee

Russia to build Moon colony by 2040: NASA says hold my beer

Microsoft employees demand cancellation of contracts with ICE

Secure voting digital IDs and more: How blockchain could reform digital democracy

TLDR: Amazon stock hits 2K Microsofts new parental leave policy Google debunks Trump video

Cody Wilson the face of 3D printed guns was just charged with sexual assault of a child

Salesforce reportedly wont cancel its contract with border agency despite employee petition

Inside GitHubs fight to protect devs from EUs disastrous Copyright Reform

France will tax tech giants in 2019 if EU doesnt step up

Big Tech barely breaks through Democratic debate despite push to regulate the industry

You cant wash your hands of this Watch a top University of Washington professor sound off on Facebook and Russia

TLDR: Trump vs Google minority students in AP computer science rare computer headed to auction

Facebook users in the UK will now see who paid for the political ads in their feed

Amazon sets meeting with Seattle officials in effort to improve relationship with its hometown

Facebook faces Congress: 5 key takeaways from Mark Zuckerbergs hearing

Sierra Leone is the first country to run a blockchainpowered election

Opinion: Theres more to the Google military AI project than weve been told

The White House website redesign makes it 8212 surprise 8212 even less transparent

Trumps wall wont stop Chinas AI

Trumps Supreme Court nominee opposes net neutrality supports NSA bulk collection

Bill Gates to meet with President Trump at the White House plans to stress importance of foreign aid

Twitter suspends and reportedly bans Trump friend Roger Stone for his abusive tweets

White House reading letters from kids is a cheap form of distraction

Google facing an internal rebellion will end its work with the US military

Outvote hopes to flip elections by getting Democrats to text their friends

Its a dumb idea to make Trumps Space Force its own military branch

Washington AG Bob Ferguson talks Trump reining in Big Tech and rumors of a gubernatorial bid

Tim Cook supports EUs strict privacy laws but thinks taxes are crap

Heres what Democratic presidential hopefuls say about AI on Twitter not much

Report: If Howard Schultz runs for president some fear possible damage to Starbucks brand

Seattle mayor moves to reduce tax burden on small businesses and startups

British MPs are ignorant about basic password security and proud of it

Facebook at Congress Day 2: Watch Zuckerberg field questions on regulation privacy and elections

Trump abolished the Cybersecurity Coordinator position Maybe hell build a huge fire wall

EUs final Copyright Reform upholds disastrous upload filters

White House budget proposal tightens the screws on science from space to salmon

With DACA clock ticking tech community rallies behind Dreamers

Neurotechnology reveals 5M duplicates in Democratic Republic of Congos voter database

Facebook finally faces GDPR lawsuit after getting shot down in Austrian court

Facebook Google and Twitter waffle on push to bring transparency to political ads on social media

Why this early Amazon investor is backing an effort to shake up the Seattle City Council

ACLU slams Washington lawmakers for closeddoor privacy bill negotiations with Big Tech

Donald Trump Jr leaked his own DMs with WikiLeaks

CIA plans to replace spies with AI

Congress needs your input but dont call it crowdsourcing

Google kills political ads during Canadian election instead of complying with transparency laws

Highlights transcript from Zuckerbergs 20Kword ethics talk

Legal experts say Rihannas music rights battle with Trump may not be over yet

Mark Zuckerberg on election interference: This has been an intense year