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Twitter fesses up to more adtech leaks

Facebook knows literally everything about you

Privacy group calls on US government to adopt universal AI guidelines to protect safety security and civil liberties

Duality scores 14M DARPA contract for hardwareaccelerated homomorphic encryption

Private search engine Qwants new CEO is Mozilla Europe veteran Tristan Nitot

Cytrio launches with 35M to help SMEs meet data privacy regulation demands

Apple Pay is coming to Target Taco Bell Speedway and two other US chains

Facebook makes its privacy data downloading and deletion settings easier to find

Passbase is building a full stack identity engine with privacy baked in

Ancestrycom rejected a police warrant to access user DNA records on a technicality

Massachusetts lawmakers vote to pass a statewide police ban on facial recognition

Malware caught using a macOS zeroday to secretly take screenshots

Silicon Valley rallies behind New York ban on geofence and keyword search warrants

Apples increasingly tricky international tradeoffs

Social media is giving us trypophobia

Ad exchange OpenX slapped with FTC fine for collecting location data on children

Heres how you make your Google Docs secure

Techs extraordinary decade: What mattered most in the past 10 years of innovation

Pardon the Intrusion 28: Your 2FA phone got stolen Now what

After Essentials failure OSOM plans a new privacyfirst handset

Many smart home device makers still wont say if they give your data to the government

Security startup Bugcrowd on crowdsourcing bug bounties: Cybersecurity is a people problem

Adtech data breach GDPR complaint is headed to court in EU

Some apps were listening to you through the smartphones mic to track your TV viewing says report

Uber expands privacy settlement with FTC

Amazons facial recognition moratorium has major loopholes

Consumer groups accuse Amazon of illegal voice recording on Echo Dot Kids speaker

US Supreme Court to hear MicrosoftDOJ dispute over emails stored at Ireland data center

Best of TechCrunch 2021

Seattle startup raises cash for app that gives patients control of their medical records

Europe needs to back browserlevel controls to fix cookie consent nightmares says privacy group

Facebook Groups members info left exposed to 100 app developers

Mozilla streamlines Firefox tracker blocking controls

Zuckerberg wont give a straight answer on data downloads

EU govt and public health sites are lousy with adtech study finds

Forensic Architecture redeploys surveillance state tech to combat statesponsored violence

DuckDuckGo adds tracker blocking to help curb the wider surveillance web

The cybersecurity industry needs to reinvent itself

EU parliament pushes for Zuckerberg hearing to be livestreamed

Facebook warned over very small indicator LED on smart glasses as EU DPAs flag privacy concerns

Apple rolls out software fix for Group FaceTime eavesdrop bug

Text IQ a machine learning platform for parsing sensitive corporate data raises 126M

Googles Privacy Sandbox targeted by fresh EU antitrust complaint

Facebook predicts significant obstacles to ad targeting and revenue in 2021

Is AI more threat than promise Tech developers join activists in calling for new safeguards

How to remove your personal information from Google search results

New privacy assistant Jumbo fixes your Facebook Twitter settings

Microsofts Windows 10 breaches privacy law says Dutch DPA

Rep DelBene of Washington takes another swing at federal privacy protections

DataGuard which provides GDPR and privacy complianceasaservice raises 20M