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Tekever raises 23M for industrial drone technology optimized for maritime surveillance

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Frances privacy watchdog eyes protection against datascraping in AI action plan

Data governance startup Immuta lands 100M to pursue acquisitions

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Adtech joint venture by European telcos DK Orange Telefonica Vodafone not a competition concern finds EU

India withdraws personal data protection bill that alarmed tech giants

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FBI says Chinese authorities are hacking USbased Uyghurs

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Europes PEPPPT COVID19 contacts tracing standard push could be squaring up for a fight with Apple and Google

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Reco raises 30M to prevent sensitive data leaks

Study of Apples ATT impact highlights competition concerns

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Apples updated Personal Safety User Guide addresses the AirTag stalking problem

Googles Sundar Pichai doesnt want you to be cleareyed about AIs dangers

DynamoFL aims to bring privacypreserving AI to more industries

A Norwegian school quit using video calls after a naked man guessed the meeting link

Silicon Valley rallies behind New York ban on geofence and keyword search warrants

US tech needs a pivot to survive

Facebook seeks fresh legal delay to block order to suspend its transatlantic data transfers

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UK High Court blocks compensation suit against Googles Safari workaround

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A new technique can detect newer 4G stingray cell phone snooping

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