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Great now the AI is coming for your grandmas recipes as well

Qloo raises cash to expand its AIdriven recommendation API

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Amazon is buying Cloostermans a mechatronics specialist in Belgium to ramp up its robotics operations

ImagenAI which uses AI to personalize photo editing styles lands 30M

Hawk AI an antimoney laundering and fraud prevention platform for banks raises 17M

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Arize lands 38M to grow its MLOps platform for the enterprise

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Apply to the pitchoff at TC Sessions: Robotics AI 2020

SoundHound the voice AI platform lays off 10 of staff citing challenging market conditions

Labrador Systems deploys its first assistive eldercare robots

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Protect AI lands a 135M investment to harden AI projects from attack

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Shield AI raises another 60M at a 23B valuation for its military autonomous flying tech

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AI and analytics platform Dataiku raises 200M at a reduced valuation

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Indias Reliance backs USbased AI startup Exyn in 35 million funding

AI chip startup Axelera lands 27M in capital to commercialize its hardware

Swap Robotics is paving the way for electric solar vegetation cuts and sidewalk snow plowing

Metas MakeAVideo AI achieves a new nightmarish state of the art

Augments personal AI assistant could help you keep track of a scattered digital life

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Hebbia raises 30M to launch an AIpowered document search tool

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Microsoft invests billions more dollars in OpenAI extends partnership

Stability AI the startup behind Stable Diffusion raises 101M

Perceptron: AI saving whales steadying gaits and banishing traffic

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Trigo raises 100M to expand its Amazonstyle cashierfree store technology

Zappi raises 170M for its AIbased market research platform

Alphabet X graduates robotic agtech firm Mineral

Diveplane lands 25M to grow its MLOps platform

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