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Google offers new findings on Russian disinformation across its products

House Democrats release more than 3500 Russian Facebook ads

Trident sub base and Boeing cited in closure of Seattles Russian consulate

Zuckerberg again snubs UK parliament over call to testify

Survey: Americans dont trust Big Tech or the government to prevent foreign election interference

Facebook says its ad transparency features will go live next month

Facebook says Russia did try to meddle in Brexit vote

Yandex bakes adblocking into its Russian browser

Facebook Google and Twitter to appear before Congress in election tampering investigation

Facebook says 10 million people saw Russias divisive political ads

Russia plans to disconnect from the internet

The US secretary of state was fired On Twitter

CADEX Introduces Beta Version of CAD Exchanger Cloud 3D Software Service

Twitter releases trove of 10 million tweets by foreign bad actors

Its time to disrupt nuclear weapons

3D Printing with Magnets in Microgravity

Crunch Report Hey Dillon Francis iPhone X Is Now Available For PreOrder

Google implementing new election ads rules as midterms approach

Russian Researchers Develop New Recyclable 3D Printing Polymer Out of Biomass Material

Senate Intel committee calls on Facebook to release Russian ads

Despite efforts of transparency Twitter is still clouding Russian troll abuse

Facebook defends itself from damning New York Times story denies it scuttled Russian meddling evidence

Crunch Report Facebook admits Russian meddling in Brexit

Russia attempted to hack the DNC again after the 2018 Midterms claim Democrats

Facebook AggregateIQ now being jointly probed by Canada BC data watchdogs

FIT AG Begins Joint Venture to Open Up the Additive Manufacturing Market in Russia

These are the US startups that Russian investors are backing

You cant wash your hands of this Watch a top University of Washington professor sound off on Facebook and Russia

Why Twitters 30 million bots are here to stay

Russians reboot space station computer

Russian hackers used bitcoin to fund election interference so prepare for FUD

You can now own a golden iPhone X with Putins face because reasons

Exasperated officials use pineapple pizza to explain Russian election interference

Oh BTW Kremlinlinked money was once invested in Facebook and Twitter nbd

Facebooks wider Kremlin Brexit ad sweep draws a blank

Trump and Clinton spent 81M on US election Facebook ads Russian agency 46K

Move fast and fix things: Why the social web needs to start thinking differently about its products

Fake news is an existential crisis for social media

Kaspersky to move some core infrastructure out of Russia to fight for trust

Snapchat trolls Facebook with a Russian bot filter Its good

Facebook and Twitter face a short deadline on Russian bot ReleaseTheMemo reports for Congress

Technology a president and Russia: Lessons from Ronald Reagans Moscow microchip speech

Russian Researchers Develop Biocompatible 3D Polymeric Materials for Tissue Repair

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman accidentally funded fake news

3D Printing News Briefs: April 17 2018

Naspers is in talks to invest in Southeast Asias Carousell

The tech industry needs to move towards responsible innovation in 2018

Russian Amputee Uses 3D Printed Lever to Set New World Record in Deep Sea Diving

Khashoggis fate shows the flip side of the surveillance state

UK parliament calls for antitrust data abuse probe of Facebook