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FaceApp responds to privacy concerns

Crunch Report Facebook Fixing Its Election Ads Problem

Facebook security chief rants about misguided algorithm backlash

Russias first postal drone has the worst possible maiden voyage

Twitter bans Russia Today and Sputnik from advertising on its service

Russia says Google Facebook interfered in its election cycle

China launches a rocket to space from a ship at sea for the first time

Fake moves: Dancing Russian robot that wowed state media turns out to be a human in a costume

FIT AG Begins Joint Venture to Open Up the Additive Manufacturing Market in Russia

Google implementing new election ads rules as midterms approach

Congress grills Facebook Twitter Google on shells hiding election meddlers

Behold this ridiculous Cybertruck knockoff

Instreamatic signs deals to allow people to talk to adverts on streaming services like an Alexa

Facebook admits to nearly as many fake or clone accounts as the US population

EV startup Rimac scores 90M investment from Hyundai and Kia

Nancy Pelosi accuses Facebook of lying to the public after it refuses to remove fake video

3D Printing News Briefs: April 17 2018

In their first Russia hearing tech giants try to placate Congress with mixed results

Three spacefliers including first Emirati in orbit return to Earth from space station

Heres how Russia targeted its fake Facebook ads and how those ads performed

The Stanford connections behind Latin Americas multibillion dollar startup renaissance

A Russian hacking group literally called Evil Corp stole 100 million from banks

CADEX Introduces Beta Version of CAD Exchanger Cloud 3D Software Service

Russian hackers show why you need to change your office printer password

Crunch Report Facebook admits Russian meddling in Brexit

TikTok parent ByteDance sues Chinese news site that exposed fake news problem

The tech industry needs to move towards responsible innovation in 2018

Russian Researchers Develop Neural Network for Metal 3D Printing

Russian hackers used bitcoin to fund election interference so prepare for FUD

Facebook says Russia did try to meddle in Brexit vote

Russian trolls pushed the California and Texas secession movements

Oh BTW Kremlinlinked money was once invested in Facebook and Twitter nbd

Facebook AggregateIQ now being jointly probed by Canada BC data watchdogs

Google offers new findings on Russian disinformation across its products

Why Twitters 30 million bots are here to stay

Crunch Report Hey Dillon Francis iPhone X Is Now Available For PreOrder

Trump and Clinton spent 81M on US election Facebook ads Russian agency 46K

Yeah this is bad: Russian hackers infiltrate US power grid

Europe dials up pressure on tech giants over election security

You cant wash your hands of this Watch University of Washington computer science chair sound off on Facebook and Russia

Universities Partner to Develop Software for 3D Scanning Urban Infrastructure

Reducing High Porosity and Improving Sealing Properties in ExtrusionBased 3D Printing

The Pentagon focuses on AI despite White House indifference

Russias push back against big tech has major consequences for Apple

Fake news threat to democracy report gets backburner response from UK govt

The other smartphone business

Crunch Report Twitter Bans Two Russian Companies from Advertising

These are the US startups that Russian investors are backing

Facebook Google and Twitter to appear before Congress in election tampering investigation

Is Americas national security Facebook and Googles problem