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Juul inventors Myst lands funding as institutional investors turn to Chinas ecigs

Microsoft secretly seized domains used in COVID19themed email cyberattacks

Russias FSB shuts down notorious REvil ransomware gang

3D Printing News Briefs April 28 2021: Ural Federal University Criar Designs Oryx Additive

House Democrats release more than 3500 Russian Facebook ads

Nvidia the latest collateral damage in USChina tech war

Facebook Google and Twitter waffle on push to bring transparency to political ads on social media

Khashoggis fate shows the flip side of the surveillance state

Austrias PlanRadar which digitizes construction and real estate docs raises 70M Series B

How a Romanian MedTech startup helped US doctors treat refugee Ukrainian cancer patients

Truecaller foreys into live audio with its new Open Doors app

Reducing High Porosity and Improving Sealing Properties in ExtrusionBased 3D Printing

Brainly says its been blocked in Russia after refusing to remove community content about the war in Ukraine

How to effectively manage a remote team during wartime

Daily Crunch: Drone service Wing completes 200K commercial deliveries partners with supermarket chain

Fintech app Portabl raises 25M to help consumers securely store financial data

Ukraines president signs law to legalize crypto as digital donations roll in

Nord Security the startup behind NordVPN raises its firstever funding 100M at a 16B valuation

TechCrunch podcasts this week: Crypto cults 2022 term sheets and how to win Startup Battlefield

FBI operation aims to take down massive Russian GRU botnet

Apple and Google bow to pressure in Russia to remove Kremlin critics tactical voting app

CISA FBI warn of threats to US satellite networks after Viasat cyberattack

Tech workers describe detentions and interrogations as they flee Russia

Swarm of 3D Printed CubeSats to Be Launched from ISS in 2021

EU unveils tougher industry Code to combat disinformation

Londons Jiffy scoops 28M for speedy grocery delivery

Daily Crunch: Citing uncertain mortgage market Bettercom rolls out employee buyout plan

Protestware on the rise: Why developers are sabotaging their own code

Twitter launches Tor service allowing users in Russia to bypass internet blocks

Facebook security chief rants about misguided algorithm backlash

Kremlin critic Navalny calls for Google and Meta to turn their adtech into an antiwar weapon

The Stanford connections behind Latin Americas multibillion dollar startup renaissance

6 reasons to invest in startups from Ukraine

Will VC investment into Chinese startups slow as the countrys tech stocks shatter

Apple losses trigger a plunge in US markets

Reports: 126M Facebook users saw content from Russian agents around Election Day

ispace Europe tapped by the European Space Agency for mission to extract water from the Moon

3D Printing with Magnets in Microgravity

Bidens answer to high gas prices is to boost US battery production

TechCrunch podcast this week: Crypto cults 2022 term sheets and how to win Startup Battlefield

The United States needs a Department of Cybersecurity

Apple suspends Search Ads on the Russian App Store until further notice

Google pauses its ad sales in Russia Microsoft pauses sales

IFC and other impact investors return to backing Ukraine startups with new 250M fund aimed at founders under the gun

Daily Crunch: Intel will reportedly buy cloudoptimization startup Granulate for 650M

Chinas game engine Cocos raises 50M goes beyond games

Russian Researchers Develop New Recyclable 3D Printing Polymer Out of Biomass Material

3D Bioprinting Solutions: The First Bioprinting Company in Russia

Bipartisan bill seeks to regulate political ads on Facebook Twitter and Google

Trident sub base and Boeing cited in closure of Seattles Russian consulate