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RD Roundup: Smart chips dream logic and crowdsourcing space

RBC Signals raises 12M to get ready for the coming boom in satellite data traffic

SpaceX wants to rearrange its Starlink satellites for faster broadband rampup

CRP Technology Makes 3D Printed PocketQube Satellite Deployer for Alba Orbital

Relativity makes deals with Vandenberg AFB and Iridium for California launches

Rocket Labs Successful Booster Recovery Could Lead to Reusable 3D Printed Rockets

Swarm prices out its orbital IoT networks hardware and services

Switching from asteroid mining to blockchain: ConsenSys Space unveils TruSat satellite tracker

Orbion partners with US Department of Defense on small satellite propulsion tech

Inside the satellite factory: How LeoStella uses software to track spacecraft hardware

Rocket Lab inks deal to carry Japanese startup Synspectives first satellite into orbit

Tethers Unlimited works on technologies for LEO Knight satellite servicing robot

Swarm Technologies raises 25M to deploy its own 150satellite constellation

NASA sets 2022 launch for air quality sensor that will provide hourly updates across North America

Autonomous driving startup turns its AI expertise to space for automated satellite operation

Korean tech conglomerate will invest 30M in Gatesbacked Kymeta antenna venture

SpaceX gains approval for largest satellite internet service ever

Kymeta will widen the reach of its satellite connectivity service with Trksat alliance

NASA sets 2022 launch for air quality sensor that will provide hourly updates across North American

China nears completion of its GPS competitor increasing the potential for Internet balkanization

Xplore reveals its plans to open satellite manufacturing facility in Seattle area

Skylo raises 103 million to affordably connect the Internet of Things to satellite networks

A satellite secretly launched by a little rocket is expected to be the brightest thing in the night sky

Rocket Lab Successfully Launches First Mission for NASA

California is launching our own damn satellite to track pollution with help from Planet

The Countdown to the Dont Stop Me Now Mission Has Begun for Rocket Labs

LeoStella satellite venture hands over CEO reins to aerospace executive Mike Hettich

DARPA reveals design of its space plane for faster cheaper satellite launches

Spaceflight strikes a deal to put rideshare satellites on Relativity Spaces rocket

Amazon lists more than 70 jobs in Bellevue not Seattle for Project Kuiper satellite operation

Indias PSLV rocket puts 29 satellites in orbit just days after antisatellite test

Apple is reportedly working on a secret satellite communications project

Accion Systems takes on 3M in Boeingled round to advance its tiny satellite thrusters

Nanoracks aims to test habitatbuilding method during SpaceX satellite mission

SpaceX plans to launch dozens of Starlink broadband satellites next week

SpaceX sets new record for most satellites on a single launch with latest Falcon 9 mission

Satellite radar startup ICEYE raises 87 million to continue to grow its operational constellation

Deep Science: Dog detectors Mars mappers and AIscrambling sweaters

Earthquake drill gives Kymetas emergency communication system a shakedown test

Space Notes: Spaceflight makes launch deal RBC Signals to host Swarm and a new fellowship is born

Bessemers Tess Hatch on the evolving aerospace market and COVID19 adjustments

FCC fines Swarm Technologies 900K over unauthorized satellite launch

Seraphim Space Camp launches its latest mission with 7 SpaceTech startups

Good news bad news for Spaceflight: Satellite rideshare market is heating up

BritishIndian team puts in a winning 1B bid for OneWeb satellite broadband venture

Satellite Vus 5M seed round will fuel the launch of its thermal imaging satellites

Stratodyne: New Space Company Wants to 3D Print Stratospheric Satellites and CubeSats

Airbus Used Robotics and 3D Printing Technology to Build RecordBreaking Fully Electric Satellite

Why Maxar CTO Walter Scott thinks now is the time to address the orbital traffic boom

Virgin Orbit will launch first Dutch defense satellite in mission that will demo rapid response capabilities