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Providence St Joseph Health acquires Seattle blockchain startup that helps hospitals get paid

Want to be a data scientist This online bootcamp is on sale for 10

New tech lets robots feel their environment

Interview with Justin Finesilver of the 3D Printing Store

3D Printing the Circular Economy Part 1: Intro

Startup Aminex Therapeutics raises 10M begins clinical trials of immunotherapy treatment

Startup ID Genomics launches nonprofit ARMADA to fight deadly antibioticresistant infections

Portland healthtech startup raises cash from top VCs to rethink the urgent care experience for kids

Meet the Zillow Prize winners who get 1M and bragging rights for beating the Zestimate

So many health and wellness apps havent done research to back up their claims

Navigating the risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning in lowincome countries

What is Metrology Part 18 Pixelation

Backed by Elon Musk Global Learning XPRIZE awards 10M to two tech teams

BIOMODEX Brings Biomechanics and 3D Printing to Physicians: Interview with CEO Thomas Marchand

Researchers Develop FlowCasting Method for Bioactive Coating of 3D Printed Porous Titanium Implants

Breathing new life into Seattles aged Pacific Science Center by running it like a startup

FabRx Examines SLS 3D Printing for Novel Solid Dosage Pills with Accelerated Drug Release Properties

You can now get your own artistic portrait in the style of a master thanks to AI

Melonee Wise and Anca Dragan will be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

Northwest projects win a share of 20 million in federal grants for nuclear tech

Elon Musk berates media critics and vows to create Pravda news rating website

How aerial lidar illuminated a Mayan megalopolis

RightSciences raises cash to develop cannabis and hempbased medicinal patches

Make All the Things Part 3: Vertical Garden Part 3 Design Thinking

MITs new threadlike robots could travel through blood vessels in the brain for more effective surgery

New research shows bees can do math

Subjecting 3D Printed Medical Ti6Al4V Implants to Laser Peening Could Increase Wear Resistance

Microsoft counters Amazon again with big Walgreens partnership aiming to reshape healthcare

BristolMyers Squibb exec on how can Seattle grow and keep big biotech companies

Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles

Interstellar space travel will require lots of sex

Researchers Investigate How Tensile Strength of 3D Printed Inconel 718 is Effected by Cooling Rates

Harnessing tech for good: Meet our nonprofit Impact Partners at Thursdays GeekWire Bash

NASA Develops New 3D Printing Method for Fabricating Rocket Engine Nozzles

Scientists have finally come up with a solution for the worlds most annoying household sound

Implantable 3Dprinted organs could be coming sooner than you think

3D Printed PLA and PCL Composite Biodegradable Stents Show Promise

Meet the new MacGyver robot 8212 Strictly Robots

Japanese Researchers Take 3D Bioprinting Another Step Forward

3Ding and Student Team 3D Print a Very Light Satellite

How MyHeritage found a new business in DNA

CERNs new study brings us closer to understanding antimatter and why we exist

Shapecrunch Allows Doctors and Consumers to Create 3D Printed Insoles

TLDR: Facebook F8 Conference Highlights 98point6 virtual clinic OfferUp now ships across the continental US

Great Scott Scientists just invented a flux capacitor for quantum computers

Why Magic: The Gathering is AIs toughest challenge

Scientists determine shooter bias extends to black robots

Microsoft will be adding AI ethics to its standard checklist for product release

Celgene CEO: Treating cancer is becoming ironically easy now the problem is affordability

Elon Musks Boring Company raises 113M for tunnels with Musk investing the most