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Alphabets X details Project Amber a quest for a single biomarker for depression that fell short of its goal

Why the smartest AI is still dumber than a toddler and how we can fix that

Slingshot Aerospace raises 8 million to help it expand to new verticals beyond aerospace and defense

Health tech startup spins out of Univ of Washington aims to make surgery more efficient with data science

CSAIL Develops Custom Ink That Can Change a 3D Printed Objects Color in 23 Minutes

Better Dairy slices into new funding for animalfree cheeses

3D Printing Used to Develop the 5G Antennae of the Future

Make All the Things Part 2: Ring Creation and Casting a Wax Ring Part 1

With 1M in funding Phase Genomics looks to crack genetic codes and discover unknown bacteria

Longtime Juno Therapeutics CEO Hans Bishop leaves role after acquisition by Celgene

Humans have completely destabilized land animal diversity

Sams Club partners with Seattle startup 98point6 to offer customers telehealth service

How can you understand life if you dont look at it live Eikon Therapeutics rakes in 518M

Silicone 3D printing startup Spectroplast spins out of ETHZ with 15M

BluHaptics rebrands itself as Olis Robotics and acquires machine learning startup

Secretive startup Receptor Life Sciences raises 75M for therapies based on plant extracts

New Research Shows That Novel Honeytube Structures Provide Superior Energy Absorption for 3D Printed Objects

What is Metrology Part 24: Conclusion

2019 was a huge year for quantum computing

Using TwoStage T6 Heat Treatment to Tailor the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Aluminum AlSi10Mg Alloys

Lowering Production Costs For 3D Printed Medical and Dental Models Through Desktop 3D Printers

How one founder identified a huge healthcare gap and acquired the skills necessary to address it

Inert Siemens Team Up to Create New Glovebox for 3D Printing Welding Other Production Processes

Lease Accounting and Management Software Market Detailed Analysis and Growth Strategies By CoStarNakisaMRI SoftwareLeaseAccelerator

Scientists teleported quantum data into the flawed heart of a diamond

Portland healthtech startup raises cash from top VCs to rethink the urgent care experience for kids

MIT Researchers Work to Capture Silent Speech with Partially 3D Printed AlterEgo Device

Orbit Fab becomes first startup to supply water to ISS paving the way for satellite refueling

Book excerpt: Neal Stephensons Fall foretells the future of Seattles South Lake Union tech hub

How Bill Gates a valley full of snakes and one entrepreneur took on a deadly disease

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Standup mathematician healthcare at home geeky music and more

Madrona continues to back Ovationio as Boston startup raises 215M for its lab software platform

Scientist says aliens in UFOs might be Earthlings from the future

BIOMODEX Brings Biomechanics and 3D Printing to Physicians: Interview with CEO Thomas Marchand

What tech gets right about healthcare

23andMe might soon offer a more comprehensive 749 DNA service

Honey bees are dying but manmade hives could save them

Premium A2P and P2A Messaging Market 202128 surge promising growth with Tata Communication CLX Communication ATT

3D Printed Lens Converts Smartphone Into Microscope

Optical Sensing Device Market Analysis by Current Industry Status and Growth Opportunities Top Key Players Target Audience and Forecast to 2027

Is space truly within reach for startups and VC

Buildots raises 16M to bring computer vision to construction management

Frozen CG snow and crashtest cadavers offer hints for 60yearold Russian mystery deaths

Elon Musks plan for sending people to Mars is probably a suicide mission

Tremor Suppression Glove with 3D Printed Components Helps Parkinsons Patients Exhibit Better Motor Control

How MyHeritage found a new business in DNA

Working Geek: Lizza Miller believes in the smart use of tech to make people healthier

Elon Musk sends Boring Company and SpaceX experts to Thai cave rescue effort

Anouk Wipprechts 3D Printed Meteor Dress to Premiere on Yuris Night

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