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Missouri Teen 3D Prints Prosthetic Arm for His Dad

Researchers Increase Strength of FDM 3D Printed Parts for UAV Applications

Researchers Devise 3D Printing Method for CostEffective Preparation of Biochips

MarineBased Hyrdogels Used to Develop New Bioink for 3D Bioprinting

Researchers Develop FlowCasting Method for Bioactive Coating of 3D Printed Porous Titanium Implants

Australian Researchers Bling It On with DiamondCoated 3D Printed Titanium Implants

LaserBased 3D Printing Used to Fabricate Tiny Microstructures for Tissue Repair

Researchers Use 3D PrintingGuided Method to Create Thermoresponsive Nanohybrid Scaffolds

3D Printing News Briefs: July 10 2018

Researchers Use Shape Memory Polymers to Increase Stiffness of 3D Printed Soft Actuators

3D Printing Industry Expert Interview: Alejandro Espinoza Orias

Researchers Compare Human Cadavers and 3D Printed Anatomical Models to Determine Print Accuracy

Creator of 3D Printed Sea Slug Robots Works to Organize Nascent Organismal Engineering Field

Digital Sea Turtles Swim Across Researchers Screens with 3D Scanning Project at UMass Amherst

3D Printing and the Art of Kirigami Lead to a Bandage That Actually Stays in Place

3D Printed ColorChanging Material Holds Potential for Information Storage

3D Printing News Briefs: August 18 2018

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Release Files for Open Source DIY 3D Bioprinter

Researchers Develop Stretchable HighResolution Biocompatible Hydrogels for 3D Printing

3D Printed Reflector Improves WiFi Signal and Security in Interior Spaces

3D Printing in Africa: 3D Printing in Ghana

Researchers 3D Print Ceramics Without TimeConsuming and Complex Sintering Phase

BitmapBased 3D Printing to Create Highly Detailed Anatomical Models

TU Wien Research Team Develops Method for HighResolution 3D Printing of Tough Homogenous Photopolymers

Research Team Uses Synchrotron Beamline to See Inside Laser 3D Printing Process

Researchers Develop Glow in the Dark Resin for SLA 3D Printing

UPC Researchers Develop New Method of Designing Porous Scaffolds for FDM 3D Printing

Important Lessons from Mosquitoes in a 3D Printed Arena

New Study Discusses Unmet Clinical Needs Being Addressed by 3D Printing

Researchers Develop Dense Facial Tissue Depth Mapping Method for 3D Data Point Collection

Natural PlantDerived Resins Used to Make Antibacterial 3D Printing Filament

MarineBased Hydrogels Used to Develop New Bioink for 3D Bioprinting

Monitoring the Laser Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing Process with Spectroscopy to Detect Defects

CSAIL Develops Custom Ink That Can Change a 3D Printed Objects Color in 23 Minutes

Tremor Suppression Glove with 3D Printed Components Helps Parkinsons Patients Exhibit Better Motor Control

Reducing High Porosity and Improving Sealing Properties in ExtrusionBased 3D Printing

Cryogenics and 3D Printing Used to Create SuperSoft Replicas of Biological Structures for Tissue Regeneration

Microstructure of Powder Bed Fusion 316 L Stainless Steel: Colonies of Cells

Northwestern University 3D Prints Metadevices Using Inverse Design

South African Surgeons Perform A Successful Middle Ear Transplant Using 3D Printing Technology

3D Printing News Briefs: August 21 2018

FEMTOPrints Technology Used to Help Produce 3D Printed Glass Molds for Droplet Microfluidic Chips

Interview with Mark Wrigley of ElektricWorks

Using Audio to Verify the Integrity of 3D Printed Objects

3D Printing and the Customization of Porous Structures for Diabetic Insoles

TU Wien Researchers Use 3D Printed Plastic Screens to Perfectly Shape Terahertz Beams

3D Printing News Briefs: January 30 2018

Interview with Sylvia Heisel on 3D Printing in Fashion Today

TU Wien SpinOff Introduces Novel 3D Printing Materials Hot Lithography Process New 3D Printer

3D Printing News Briefs: December 30 2018