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Google launches Android Enterprise Essentials a mobile device management service for small businesses

First version of Apple and Googles contact tracing API should be available to developers next week

Microsoft launches new tools for Teams developers

Apple has just patched the recent iOS 135 jailbreak

Apple restricts ads and thirdparty trackers in iPhone apps for kids

Privacyoriented search app Xayn raises 12M from Japanese backers to go into devices

Samsung confirms data breach after hackers leak internal source code

Samsung forecasts record 155B profit thanks to chips not smartphones

Upsies directtoconsumer swing at the warranty space nets 182M

Augmented realitys awkward phase will be long and painful

Samsungs Galaxy S20 Ultra is a lot of phone for a lot of money

Africa Roundup: CcHubs iHub acquisition Andelas 50M run rate and layoffs Transsions IPO

PSPDFkit raises 116M its first outside money now nearly 1B people use apps powered by its collaboration signing and markup tools

PalmPay launches in Nigeria on 40M round led by Chinas Transsion

The consumer version of BBM is shutting down on May 31

A young entrepreneur is building the Amazon of Bangladesh

Sony announces its first 5G flagship the triple lens Xperia 1 II

Apple losses trigger a plunge in US markets

Chinas Xiaomi makes underwhelming public debut in Hong Kong IPO

Samsungs upcoming Q1 earnings are going to be ugly

Fairphone adds a 5G smartphone touting software support until at least 2025

Security flaws found in Samsungs stock mobile apps

Pixel 5 and 4a 5g get the same improved cameras with rear ultrawide lens Night Sight portraits and more

Hundreds of French academics sign letter asking for safeguards on contact tracing

Swappie bags 406M to sell more secondhand iPhones across Europe

Googles Switch to Android app now officially rolling out

Mobile gaming is having a moment and Apple has the reins

Qualcomm launches new AR dev kit acquires Clay AIR

VCs and startups consider HaaS model for consumer devices

As remote work booms Everphone grabs 40M for its device as a service offer

Xiaomi goes after global markets with two new Android One phones

MKOPA raises 75M as it clocks 2 million customers across four African markets

Notes from the Samsung Galaxy Fold: day two

Inside Harley Davidsons EV shift with a ride on its LiveWire

MIT develops a batteryfree method for navigating underwater that could transform ocean exploration

EWA which taps into popular media to teach languages hits 51M downloads and 35M MAUs and raises its first outside funding

Pandas wants to give Latin American businesses buying power in Asia

Facebook is the new crapware

Geared Up Podcast: Top tech of 2017

How to lose money SoftBank edition

The Station: Volvo evolves Skip trips and touchscreen tech

Jolla hits profitability ahead of turning ten eyes growth beyond mobile

How will Europes coronavirus contacttracing apps work across borders

Amazon ditching lock screen ads on Prime discount smartphones in exchange for 20 price increase

DuckDuckGo debuts map search results using Apple Maps

The Best and Worst gadgets of 2018

On balance the cloud has been a huge boon to startups

Runway raises 2M seed launches its air traffic control system for mobile app releases

UKs CMA opens market study into Apple Googles mobile duopoly

Apps to reach record highs in Q3 of 36B downloads and 34B in consumer spending