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Instagram surprises everyone with Stories feature not stolen from Snapchat

Twitter is bringing back the reverse chronological timeline today

Mark Zuckerberg doesnt want to talk about tracking users whove logged out of Facebook

Facebook brings disaster relief assistance to users who might need it the most

Fire Zuck projected onto location of Facebook shareholders meeting

Playboy joins the DeleteFacebook party

Instagram tests letting you rethink your terrible new username

Facebook cuts ties with political consulting firm Definers

Facebook created a tool to hide your data from apps but it never launched

WhatsApp adds group chat option for only admins to send messages

Facebook might have to pay billions of dollars in fines to FTC for privacy violations

I posted so many Instagram Stories that I broke it

YouTube is down please dont call the police

Facebook could face recordsetting fine from FTC

Instagram get hacked Good luck getting it back

Facebook patents hint at skin smoothing and karaoke features for live video

How I broke Instagram Stories

Twitter CEO explains alleged shadow bans 8212 again

Facebook confirms its building an internet satellite

Twitter says it can tell if you actually believe that bullsht youre spreading

Twitter will remove millions of accounts from follower numbers to build trust

The first Snapchat lens that reacts to your voice has arrived

LOL bye: Facebook8217s teen meme project is dead before it was released

Jack Dorseys footwear evolution: An investigation

Facebook will open another war room to combat fake news

Mueller reportedly wants to question Trump about his Tweets

Facebook might finally finally finally support 4K video

After youknowwhat Facebook is making its privacy settings easier to find

Snapchat no longer bleeding users tests Android app redesign

Conservative Facebook employees create a group to complain about political monoculture

Facebook is opening up its most annoying feature to thirsty brands

Facebooks News Feed changes were supposed to make us feel good Its not working

Facebook also wants to show you how much time you spend in its app

What to expect at Facebooks F8: Less bluster more apologies

Why I hate the new Instagram Stories camera

WhatsApp has finally encrypted group video calling for everyone

Snapchat just grew for the first time in a year

Facebook data reportedly helps companies guess your credit score

Now Facebook can more easily delete your trash Pages

Facebook says Cambridge Analytica got data on up to 87 million users

Snapchats new Game of Thrones lens brings a massive ice dragon to New York

Twitter wants to fix its relationship with developers Again

Facebook just revealed yet another shady political influence campaign

Trump and Biden battle over older women on Facebook

Facebook totally regrets threatening to sue the journalists who broke Cambridge Analytica story

Facebook removes hundreds of pages and accounts that spread fake news

If you think you8217re seeing swastikas in Google Maps don8217t panic

Instagram will start cluttering your feed with IGTV videos

Facebook now says 30 million affected by hack will notify users

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gives himself a C in tech responsibility