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Catalyst Fund gets 15M from JP Morgan UK Aid to back 30 EM fintech startups

Africas top mobile phone seller Transsion to list in Chinese IPO

CcHub funds tech to curb COVID19 on concerns of an Africa outbreak

Drone delivery startup Zipline launches UAV medical program in Ghana

Africa Roundup: Paga goes global and 4 startups raise 99M in VC

SF based African fintech startup Chipper Cash expands to Nigeria

Payment startup Chipper Cash raises 6M for Southern Africa expansion

These startups are locating in SF and Africa to win in global fintech

Mechanical Engineer Launches Campaign to Provide 3D Printed Breast Prostheses to 1000 Women in Need

African fintech firm Flutterwave raises 35M partners with Worldpay

African financial technology startups move beyond payment services

Africas ridehail markets are hot spots for startups and VC

Breaking down Frances new 76M Africa startup fund

MallforAfrica and DHL launch MarketPlace Africa global ecommerce site

Africa Roundup: Nigerian fintech gets 360M mints unicorn draws Chinese VC

Nigerias Gloong drops consumer ecommerce pivots to eprocurement

Flutterwave and Visa launch African consumer payment service GetBarter

African countries need startup acts more than ever to support innovation

Goldman backed ventures Jumia and Twiga partner on produce in Kenya

South Africa: Research in 3D Printing at VUT for Prosthetics DfAM

Africa Roundup: Jumia files for IPO OneFi acquires Amplify FlexClub expands in Mexico

BlackSkys latest satellites return images just 58 hours after SpaceX launch

Africas top angel Tomi Davies eyes startups and coinvestors

Visa partners with Paga on payments and fintech for Africa and abroad

3D Printing News Briefs: February 20 2018

Solarbased ISP startup Tizeti launches 4G LTE network in Nigeria

Why this Nigerian fintech startup is volunteering audited financials

Africa Roundup: TLcom closes 71M fund Jumo raises 55M AWS partners with Safaricom

Lessons from MPesa for Africas new VCrich fintech startups

Taika is building a better coffee through natural chemistry and adaptogens

Moderna says its making variantspecific COVID19 vaccines but its existing vaccine should still work

South Africas Quro Medical comes out of stealth with 11M to expand its hospitalathome service

What we learned from selling a blockchain service to African governments

Visas Africa strategy banks on startup partnerships

What we know and dont about Goldman Sachs Africa VC investing

A snapshot of the leading startups in Africas top VC markets

African payment startup Chipper Cash raises 138M Series A

Africa Roundup: Zimbabwes net blackout Partechs 143M fund Andelas 100M raise Flutterwaves pivot

Africa Roundup: DHL invests in MallforAfrica Zipline launches in US Novastar raises 200M

Africa Roundup: Visa connects to MPesa Flutterwave enters ecommerce

Africa Roundup: Goldman leads 30M Twiga raise China grows tech influence Jumia weathers lockupexpiry

Chinas Transsion and Kenyas Wapi Capital partner on Africa fund

Jumia adapts PanAfrican ecommerce network in response to COVID19

3D Printing Africa: South Africas 3D Printing Sector

Africas top mobile phone seller Transsion lists in Chinese IPO

South African Defense Company Using Digital Manufacturing and 3D Printing to Build Surveillance and Attack Aircraft

Nigerias Paga acquires Apposit confirms Mexico and Ethiopia expansion

Startups should read this checklist before they go whale hunting for big partners

Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in 60 markets

African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises 30M backed by Jeff Bezos