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In a tiny Seattle apartment the bed is on the ceiling and thats part of what makes it a smart home

3D Printing News Briefs: June 12 2018

NASA Develops New 3D Printing Method for Fabricating Rocket Engine Nozzles

NASAs TESS planetfinder satellite just rode a Falcon 9 to space

What Many Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Known Earlier

Year in pictures: Amazons amazing growth SpaceX blasts off the passing of Paul Allen and more

Tap a new startup from Sam Rosen wants to be the Google of drinking water

Airbus Used Robotics and 3D Printing Technology to Build RecordBreaking Fully Electric Satellite

Boeing and Brazils Embraer set terms for commercial and defense joint ventures

Flowspace is AWS for warehouses

This Solar Eclipse is bigger than all of us

Fresh trio arrives at space station and is having a blast two months after bad trip

How autonomous vehicles and hyperloop are scooting along

Blue Origin targets moon landing by 2023 as an early step toward lunar settlement

Elon Musks tweet about Mars is confusing the internet

3D Printing News Briefs: November 10 2017

Well have selfflying cars before selfdriving cars Thrun says

Northern lights provide a glowing auroral sendoff to Seattles summer weather

ISROs Chandrayaan2 Moon lander mission launch reset for July 22

Talkspace picks up 50 million Series D

Boeing HorizonX joins in 129M boost for Digital Alloys metal 3D printing tech

Tethers Unlimited Recycler and 3D Printer Refabricator Operational on Board the ISS

Our solar system has met its match as Google AI helps find 8th planet circling Kepler90 star

SpaceX said to be raising 500m to help fund internet service

Japans government is providing nearly 1B to boost homegrown space startups

As UK firesup private space industry Space Camp Accelerator launches

NASA Nebraska Space Grant Means Further Collaboration with Copper3D to Study Microbial Risk in Space

mu Space targets 2020 launch of first satellite aboard Blue Origins New Glenn

Zortrax 3D Printers Crucial to the Success of NASA Engineers in Creating Tools

Asteroid Institutes first fellows come with credentials that are out of this world

Blue Origin and Airbus back The Moon Race a space contest yet to be defined

President Trump signs off on directive to deregulate commercial space ventures

NASA Fires Up RS25 Engines with 3D Printed Components to Highest Power Level

Nvidia recreates the Apollo 11 landing with realtime ray tracing

Scientists discover evidence of giant planet 13 times more massive than Jupiter

3D Printing in Advanced Design and Manufacturing: ADM Expo Examines Changing Dynamics of Production

Physical storage startup Makespace has a new CEO to represent it

Elon Musks plan for sending people to Mars is probably a suicide mission

Make All The Things Part 1: Having Fun and Being Creative at the Makerspace

Watch SpaceX count down to first Starlink satellite launch and maybe a fairing catch

Space entrepreneur: Why build apps when you can make satellites

Russia to build Moon colony by 2040: NASA says hold my beer

Leo Aerospace provides bespoke rocket launches from a hot air balloon

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the Home Office Deduction

Mindspace raises 20 million to launch coworking spaces in the US

This is the Apollo 11 HoloLens demo that Microsoft hoped to show at Build

Weed in space is going to be a thing now

Japans KAGRA detector joins LIGO and Virgo in global hunt for gravitational waves

Frontier technologies are moving closer to the center of venture investment

Relativity strikes deal with NASA to use rocket engine test complex in Mississippi