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3D Printing News Briefs June 20 2021

Physicists think weve detected the dark energy ripping our universe apart

Quantum computing not AI will define our future

The four corners of the new space economy

UPDATED: Planetary Resources and Spaceflight Industries mark successful rocket launch in India

Fleet Space Technologies raises 735M for its spacebased IoT tech

Meditation apps offer free mindfulness as social distancing takes a toll

BeAM and PFW Aerospace Work Together to Qualify 3D Printed Aerospace Component

This Entrepreneur and CEO Shares Tips for Building Strong Remote Teams

NASA wants the auto industry to build its next Moon rover

Someone just flew a damn jetpack alongside airplanes at LAX

Full findings from NASA Twins Study raise more questions about long stints in space

Tethers Unlimited wins NASA grant to work on future FabLab for 3D printing in space

Top Pacific Northwest startup funding rounds of 2017: Remitly Rover Vacasa lead the way

After North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb inside a mountain scientists watched it move

Lockheed Martin Hires Relativity Space for NASA 3D Printing Project

Moon exploration startup ispace opens new US office and hires SpaceX alum to lead development of next lander

Squarespace vs GoDaddy: Which web host and builder is best for users in the UK

AI services startup Hypergiant brings on Bill Nye as an advisor

Get a taste of TC Sessions: Space 2020 with an Expo Ticket

Womens coworking space The Wing adjusts membership policy to allow all genders

He does good at rockets: President Trump pays tangled tribute to Elon Musks tech triumphs

SpaceXs Starlink satellite internet only has 20millisecond lag

GE Aviation Completes Successful Tests of FATE Engine and T901 Engine Prototype Both Featuring 3D Printed Components

Three baby planets hanging around a star discovered by astronomers

Boeings new VR simulator immerses astronauts in space training

Watch SpaceXs Starship SN15 land and not blow up

What the first new moon rocks in decades can tell us

See you in Vancouver tonight

Aurora Propulsion Technologies closes 17M seed for spacecraft maneuvering and deorbiting tech

Swarms of autonomous insect robots could prove key to future planetary exploration

NASA is paying SpaceX 69M to crash a rocket into an asteroid

Norsk Titanium Delivers 3D Printed Titanium Components for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

3D Printing News Briefs: September 27 2018

Billionaire cashtronauts should force flatEarthers on their ego trips

Get into mindfulness and better sleep with a Headspace subscription on sale

Linkedin is the reason Apple made the M1 chip

Trading app Public drops payment for order flow in favor of tips

NASA launches a new planethunting telescope using a giant balloon

Lilium in talks with Brazilian airline for 1B order

Elon Musk totally didnt invent Bitcoin you guys

3D printed rocket maker Relativity raises 35M to simplify satellite launches

After questioning moon landings NBA star Stephen Curry gets an invite from NASA

Autonomous aviation startup Xwing hits 400M valuation after latest funding round

FCC stings Swarm Technologies after an unauthorized launch of tiny satellites

NASA will test a new spacecraft solar sail using a NanoAvionics satellite

Solid rocket fuel startup Adranos raises 1 million to scale up manufacturing

3D Printing News Briefs: April 17 2018

Deepfake tech takes on satellite maps

SpaceXs spinouts are helping build LAs startup ecosystem