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MariaDB acquires Clusterix

Wall Street likes databases as MongoDB soars over 30 percent in its IPO

Microsoft rolls out new performancescaling features for Azure databases including serverless Azure SQL

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Rubrik acquires Datos IO to expand into NoSQL database management support

Microsoft unveils a new edge computing database and managed blockchain service ahead of Build

Microsoft acquires Citus Data creators of a cloudfriendly version of the PostgreSQL database

Idera acquires Travis CI

Timescale is leading the next wave of NYC database tech

Track MySQL Metrics For Free With Telemetricio

Apollo raises 22M for its GraphQL platform

They scaled YouTube Now theyll shard everyone with PlanetScale

MemSQL raises 30M Series D round for its realtime database

Why the looming endofsupport deadline for Windows Server 2008 is an enormous cloud migration opportunity

Google plans to offer a managed version of Microsofts SQL Server database

MariaDB acquires Clustrix

Microsoft acquires Citus Data

TiDB developer PingCAP wants to expand in North America after raising 50M Series C

NoSQL Databases Software Market Size 2024 By Application Type Manufacturers Across North America Europe APAC South America MEA