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Salty subterranean water could relieve worlds lithium shortage

Teslas Giant Battery Farm Is Now Live in South Australia

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HungryPanda a food delivery app for Chinese communities raises 20 million

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The Nudge is a planner app packaged as an SMS subscription service

AirTree backs generative AI content creation and management platform Narrato

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Leafly lays off additional 91 employees eliminating more than 50 percent of staff in 2020

Canva raises 60 million on a 6 billion valuation

Seattles ExtraHop expects 100M ARR in 2020 IPO the following year

The changing face of employment law during a global pandemic

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Reali raises 20M for its flatfee real estate platform

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Hone a humanpowered platform for leadership training nabs 16 million

Adjust expands its antiad fraud tech by acquiring Unbotify

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Carbix spins emissions into gold or at least useful minerals

Root AI raises 72M seed round to deploy its harvesting robot amid COVID19fueled demand

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Y Combinator invests in noninvasive breast cancer screening bra EVA

Carbon Health to launch 100 popup COVID19 testing clinics across the US

BigRep Partners with Magigoo to Make Industrial LargeFormat 3D Printing Easier

Social salesleads startup Socedo closing amid Twitter changes engineering team joins Azuqua

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Caden launches with 34M to help consumers take control of their data

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Marketing automation platform Klaviyo scores 200M Series C on 415B valuation

myZoi wants to make remittances less costly for migrant workers

Formwork Labs aims to build the YC of construction tech

Circle is a good example of why SPACs can be useful

Swedish neobank PFC picks up 5M backing from Nordic banking giant Nordea