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Startup Spotlight: ExAmazon employees draw inspiration from Bezos apply lessons from retail powerhouse at ecommerce marketing upstart

After a broken leg and blood clot this entrepreneur built a portable recumbent exercise bike

Startup Spotlight: Former model gets traction in race to help online shoppers find clothes that fit

Startup Spotlight: Curio Interactive brings a magical Harry Potter vibe to learning

This startup from a small city in Oregon wants to revolutionize the metal processing industry

Spruce Up pairs AI and stylists to create a curated online homedecorating experience

Startup Spotlight: Spocket provides inventory and logistics support for small online retailers

Startup Spotlight: Ganaz wants to connect farmers with millions of seasonal farmworkers

Hitask: A Project and Task Management Software that Gets Things Done from One Place

TheWMarketplace wants to take on Amazon with its new ecommerce site for womenled businesses

Startup Spotlight: Mobile focus and reallife experience gives NurseGrid an edge in scheduling

Former contractor builds a software startup called ToolBelt to help connect skilled labor to projects

Startup Spotlight: YouScript warns doctors of metabolic traffic jams caused by prescription drugs

Startup Spotlight: Aspinity helps voiceenabled tech products save battery power

Inspired to help parents manage kids use of internet this startup monitors data flow on devices

Seattle startup Small Run removes the mystery and hassle out of shopping for original art

Startup Spotlight: Shop the Change sees purchases as votes for companies and items you believe in

Tenta Browser wants the public to reclaim their digital identities through encrypted browsing

Backed by former Google China leader KaiFu Lee OneClick is building an Excel for AI

Dont let your OKRs be TBD: Ally helps companies focus on their most important goals

InsightLeap is the latest Seattle startup aiming to help Amazon sellers optimize their business

Google Analytics for brickandmortar: Observa helps physical retailers find their marketing edge

Krowdsourced aims to be the Amazon and more for commercial space design

Startup Spotlight: Couples say I do to Everlys digital alternative for wedding planning

Feather helps new friends flock by making it easy to participate in small group meetups

Amazon vets develop 20 WyzeCam home camera end up competing against their former employer

More than words: Diversity Window helps companies take action on diversity and inclusion

ExBungie engineers aim to steal your heart through a swordwielding VR mouse called Quill

Rock Paper Coin vows to make wedding planning easier with its payment and contract platform

Future of sports collectibles Player Tokens brings together blockchain and baseball cards

Startup MindAntix empowers kids with creative thinking to keep jobstealing robots at bay

Startup Spotlight: Former Microsoft employees reunite launch Fullcastio to cover backend work so sales reps can sell more

Startup Zeacon wants to connect you to nearby businesses and events to build a better community

Seattles Shared unveils a mopedlike evehicle for ride sharing and plans to make it selfdriving

Startup Spotlight: Profitable ad automation startup focuses on product development not VC funding

Startup Spotlight: Halo Automotive CEO turns near miss with disaster into dream for connected cars

Startup Spotlight: Lubn offers an easily installed smart key alternative to Amazon Key

Startup Spotlight: Education app from Bloomz gives parents a window into the classroom

Imani aims to build easily accessible blockchainbased option for mobile banking in Africa

Startup Spotlight: Twine uses Slack and Alexa to make video conferencing magical

Startup Spotlight: Skillspire helps immigrants build tech skills in a supportive environment

Startup Spotlight: For 499 per month this startup will fold laundry sort mail deliver packages and perform other chores around the home

Startup Spotlight: PeopleMaven helps you create and share personal whos who lists

Intentionalist helps consumers spend like it matters to support community and diversity

Startup Spotlight: Pulse Labs makes it easy for voice developers to test their Alexa apps

Startup Spotlight: Facebook and Microsoft vets build coding education marketplace Educative

Clobotics lands 11M to keep wind turbines spinning safely with drones and AI

Startup Spotlight: Tinitell helps parents keep track of their kids with wearable mobile phones

Startup Nomads human billboard marketing blends digital technology with a personal touch

Startup Spotlight: AutoMech concierge car service aims to take the hassle out of maintenance