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Startup Spotlight: AutoMech takes the hassle and uncertainty out of car maintenance

Startup Spotlight: Nori is creating a blockchain marketplace open to all to reverse climate change

With 500K in funding Retarget Links aims to help even the smallest advertisers reach their audiences

HBO vets raise cash from top VCs for immersive augmented reality startup Leaftail Labs

Startup Spotlight: Former Microsoft employees reunite launch Fullcastio to cover backend work so sales reps can sell more

Backed by former Google China leader KaiFu Lee OneClick is building an Excel for AI

Startup Spotlight: Unearth Technologies rethinks construction with a birds eye view of project management

Startup Spotlight: Spocket helps small online retailers with ondemand inventory and logistics resources

Startup Spotlight: Spry offers PR services via the gig economy ordered through its app

Startup Spotlight: Mobile focus and reallife experience gives NurseGrid an edge in scheduling

Future of sports collectibles Player Tokens brings together blockchain and baseball cards

Can cell phone games discover your bestfit job Startup Posed2 wants to match students to careers

Startup Spotlight: Spocket provides inventory and logistics support for small online retailers

ShareFarm wants a virtual version of farmers markets running yearround through an app

With millions in funding and a US expansion in the works Deakos plugandplay smart lighting casts a bright future

Tenta Browser wants the public to reclaim their digital identities through encrypted browsing

Startup Spotlight: EvoEco uses digital interactive bins to solve the riddle of where to toss your trash

Startup MyPeopleNow features some of the oddest odd job services that you can imagine

Can drones make better wine Pollen Systems launches service to analyze vineyards from the air

Static Object tracks the progress of programmers by focusing on the 5 of code thats meaningful

Startup MindAntix empowers kids with creative thinking to keep jobstealing robots at bay

Startup Genneve preps to launch unique telehealth service for women experiencing menopause

Startup Spotlight: An AIenabled treattossing doggie camera launches Tomofuns success

Amazon vets develop 20 WyzeCam home camera end up competing against their former employer

Dont let your OKRs be TBD: Ally helps companies focus on their most important goals

NFL player who survived shooting featured as part of new athleteowned online storytelling platform

ExMicrosoft employees reunite raise 275M for Fullcastio to cover backend work so sales reps can sell more

Startup Spotlight: Adisa aims to connect online shoppers with artisans in Africa

College admissions startup Cirkled In gets high marks with 700K in funding recent Fast Pitch win

Startup Spotlight: WeSolv connects Fortune 500 companies with a network of MBA students

New app by Microsoft alumni is a personal sports assistant to manage your athletic match ups

Startup Spotlight: LifeID uses blockchain technology to build secure digital identities

Startup Spotlight: Whatever your job Imperative wants to help you find purpose in it

Startup Spotlight: Trainiac puts a personal trainer in your pocket to help you get fit

Startup Spotlight: Facebook and Microsoft vets build coding education marketplace Educative

Startup Spotlight: Twine uses Slack and Alexa to make video conferencing magical

Startup Spotlight: Spocket helps small online retailers with ondemand inventory sourcing

Clobotics lands 11M to keep wind turbines spinning safely with drones and AI

Startup Spotlight: AutoMech concierge car service aims to take the hassle out of maintenance

Startup Spotlight: Rainway lets people play PC games on any device

ExBungie engineers aim to steal your heart through a swordwielding VR mouse called Quill

Startup Spotlight: Two podcast fiends with past startup success launch Banter to aid in audio discovery

Koverse cofounders tap NSA expertise to build a platform to solve unsolvable tech challenges

Syndio Solutions quest for fair wages is backed by 52M in seed funding and bigname hires

Startup Spotlight: Halo Automotive CEO turns near miss with disaster into dream for connected cars

Ably launches popup store to bring hightech innovation to everyday fashion

Startup Spotlight: Powrme provides free device charging in public places

Startup Nomads human billboard marketing blends digital technology with a personal touch

Startup Spotlight: Curio Interactive brings a magical Harry Potter vibe to learning

Startup Spotlight: Pulse Labs makes it easy for voice developers to test their Alexa apps