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Study: Seasons have little effect on dieting app reporting but the day of week does

Ballerine brings open source to banks risk and identity decisionmaking

SimSpace raises 45M to simulate tech stacks for cyber training

Revolutionizing Managed Services: Introducing MSPX the First Marketplace for Contract Exchange

SecondNature raises 164M for healthy home subscription products like air and water filters

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AI chipmaker Rebellions gets 228M Series A extension from Korean telco company KT

Britains deepest mine could unlock secrets to permanent settlement on Mars

Y Combinatorbacked Adra wants to turn all dentists into cavityfinding super dentists

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Managing the music business from a mobile phone Jammber is making the industry sing

Super an Indonesian hyperlocal social commerce startup raises 28M led by SoftBank Ventures Asia

More than 70 VC firms join VCs for Repro coalition to support reproductive rights

Signal AI taps 25M for public databased market intelligence that spots trends and risks

Static Object tracks the progress of programmers by focusing on the 5 of code thats meaningful

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4 Signs Your Startups Website Isnt Accessible and the Trouble That Could Cause for Your Business

Gfycat looks to be a hub of content for AR experience development

B Garage raises 20M for its warehouse inventory drones

Insect farming startup raises cash builds North Americas largest mealworm facility east of Seattle

Conversive helps businesses build the virtual equivalent of facetoface conversations

Why Arivale failed: Inside the surprise closure of an ambitious scientific wellness startup

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Polymath Robotics launches plugandplay autonomy software for any industrial vehicle

VOI Technology the escooter startup from Sweden raises 50M led by Balderton Capital

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This DNAdriven dating startup says love is in the air and theyll help you sniff it out

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Daily Crunch: Metas upcoming VR headset will track eye movements and capture facial expressions

Uppercase raises 35M to help etailers open brickandmortar stores

MapmyIndia Infuses Funds in Drone Solutions Startup

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Cognixions brainmonitoring headset enables fluid communication for people with severe disabilities

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Filteredai closes 7M in funding to accelerate its technical hiring service

Alphabet makes cuts Twitter bans thirdparty clients and Netflixs Reed Hastings steps down

The money is still there says APX managing director Jrg Rheinboldt

Spider silk startup Bolt Threads closes on 123 million in Series D funding