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Raise softly and deliver a big exit

Aevum is building a modular autonomous drone for space and terrestrial deliveries

GE Ventures unveils new blood collection startup Drawbridge Health

One of Facebooks most senior engineers just became Director of Engineering Blockchain

UK plans 80M in tech initiatives doubles tech visas to 2000 to shore up support amid Brexit anxiety

SEC approves 1st consumer RegA token Props for crossapp rewards

Wiliot nabs 30M from Amazon Avery Dennison Samsung for a chip that runs on power from ambient radio frequencies

Private tech companies mobilize to address shortages for medical supplies masks and sanitizer

How to calculate the exact amount of Bitcoin riches youve missed out on

Payfone raises 100M for its mobile phonebased digital verification and ID platform

Crypto exchange mistakenly sends 103 bitcoin to wallet its locked out of

Creative agency Virtue introduces genderless voice Q to challenge biases in technology

As Alzheimers costs soar startups like Neurotrack raise cash to diagnose and treat the disease

Investors bet millions on Microverse a Lambda School for the developing world

Defensible strategies for food tech entrepreneurs facing the Amazon juggernaut

Brave launches version 10 of its privacyfocused browser

Unpacking techs response to the killing of George Floyd

uBeam wireless powers CEO Meredith Perry steps aside amidst B2B pivot

Homeschooling startup Primer raises 37 million seed round led by Founders Fund

Top VCs say the landscape for enterprise startups is changing

Space Force commander explains how the new military service operates like a startup

How to respond to a data breach

Singaporebased Intellect wants to lower barriers to mental health support in Asia

What are the Ethics of 3D Scanned and 3D Printed Museum and Archaeological Artifacts

Bespoke Post raises 8M to deliver a monthly box of awesome for men

Turing nabs 32M more for an AIbased platform to source and manage engineers remotely

N26 adds Apple Pay support in France Spain Italy and Finland

Opendoor files to raise another 200M at a 37B valuation documents show

Get your pitchdeck critiqued by Accels Amy Saper and Bessemers Talia Goldberg at Early Stage

Apples new acquisition wants to watch you while you sleep but not in a creepy way

Learn how to raise your Series A at Disrupt Berlin

WeWork backs New York tech clubhouse Betaworks Studios

Why San Francisco is still the gold mine for tech startups

Choco gobbles up 302M at a 250M valuation tweaks restaurant supplier ordering platform to sell to consumers during pandemic

Give the gift of Extra Crunch for 25 off

Hinge Health raises 26M Series B to tackle musculoskeletal pain

Startups Weekly: What education do you need to build a great tech company

Satoshi Nakamotos Bitcoin whitepaper turns 10

How to be remote

Reddit is raising a huge round near a 3 billion valuation

VR startup Upload shuts down its offices as funding from Oculus founder runs out

Announcing how startups can exhibit for free at Disrupt SF with Top Picks

European house removals platform Movinga raises up to another 22M

DOJ announces investigation into big tech

Dont wait: Apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Felix Capital closes 300M fund to double down on DTC break into fintech and make latestage deals

The Positive Grid Spark is a versatile smart amp perfect for guitarists stuck at home

Patrick Brown the chief executive of Impossible Foods is coming to Disrupt

So many Fintech eggs in so many baskets

Daily Crunch: A huge fintech exit as the week ends