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Render challenges the clouds biggest vendors with cheaper managed infrastructure

Reefknot Investments launches 50 million fund to invest in logistics and supply chain startups

Wildmoka grabs 8 million to help you clip live video in real time

Chinese startup Ponyai can now test driverless vehicles in three California cities

Ebike subscription service Zoomo raises 60M Series B to disrupt lastmile delivery

GitHub will soon warn developers of insecure dependencies

Regulus Cyber launches with a technology to secure autonomous vehicles

Mexican BNPL player Kueski secures 202M in debt equity as it nears 100M in ARR

Patreon CPO says the company will double in size in 2022

Now one of the largest Blackled venture firms by assets Base10 raises 250 million second fund

myInterview raises 5 million for its videobased job recruitment platform

WW launches Kurbo a hotly debated healthy eating app aimed at kids

Author Nick Montfort tells us how to define the future

No Apple didnt acquire music analytics startup Asaii it hired the founders to work on Apple Music

GoJek extends ridehailing service to the rest of Singapore

As tech companies suspend sales in Russia what is the actual business impact

Speckle snags 55M seed to build open source platform for 3D drawings

Intel handily beats analysts expectations as chips continue to shine

Want to survive the crypto winter Start by inspiring regulatory confidence

Monzo founder Tom Blomfield is departing the challenger bank and says hes struggled during the pandemic

Atlassian launches a 50M venture fund to invest in its ecosystem

Zip lines up 43M at a 12B valuation for its growing concierge for procurement

DataRobot expands platform and announces Zepl acquisition

Scaling startups are setting up secondary hubs in these cities

Verily Alphabets other moneymaking nonGoogle business partners with Color on genetic analysis

Congressional testimony reveals some faults in Facebooks digital currency plans

The Europas Awards goes virtual: Votes workshops pitches networking live awards DJs

Why is cloud revenue growth so slow if the digital transformation is accelerating

5 VCs agree: COVID19 reshaped adtech and martech

Equalum grabs 18M Series B to help companies ingest data faster

The GOAT may be a zebra

More than 40 top security execs have formed an investing syndicate to back startups

Sarbacane maker of Mailify raises 27M for marketing tools

How a botfighting test turned into edtechs most iconic brand Duolingo

Daily Crunch: Indias Rebel Foods scores 14B valuation after raising 175M Series F

Netflix partners with Microsoft for its adsupported plan

Teamleader the SaaS platform to help SMEs go digital scores 22M Series C

Voximplants service to build voice and video comms into apps comes out of beta

Understanding 2020s earlystage fundraising market

Enterpret launches with 44M NLP technology to decipher customer feedback

Watch what it actually looks like when CRISPR snips a strand of DNA

Humanising Autonomy pulls in 5M to help selfdriving cars keep an eye on pedestrians

Daily Crunch: Discord and Spotify resuming service after widespread outage

Daily Crunch: 7 months after raising 1B grocery delivery Gorillas exits four countries and lays off 300

LumApps raises 24M Series B for its social intranet

Salty subterranean water could relieve worlds lithium shortage

Airbyte announces 26M Series A for open source data connector platform

Steno raises 35 million led by First Round to become an extension of law offices

Revenuebased financing startup Jenfi raises 63M to focus on highgrowth Southeast Asian companies

3 perspectives on the future of SF and NYC as startup hubs