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Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy

Gartner picks digital ethics and privacy as a strategic trend for 2019

Facebook is facing an EU data probe over fake ads

Dating and fertility apps among those snitching to out of control adtech report finds

Facebook Google face first GDPR complaints over forced consent

OneTrust raises 200M at a 13B valuation to help organizations navigate online privacy rules

Europes top court sharpens guidance for sites using leaky social plugins

Mental health websites in Europe found sharing user data for ads

Dating and fertility apps among those snitching to out of control ad tech report finds

US government reportedly in talks with tech companies on how to use location data in COVID19 fight

Facebook broke Canadian privacy law joint probe finds

Apples Tim Cook makes blistering attack on the data industrial complex

Alexa does the Echo Dot Kids protect childrens privacy

A Twitter employee groomed by the Saudi government prompted 2015 statesponsored hacking warning

Americas largest companies push for federal online privacy laws to circumvent state regulatory efforts

Zuckerberg wont give a straight answer on data downloads

Facebook must change and policymakers must act on data warns UK watchdog

Industries must adopt ethics along with technology

Apples Tim Cook is sending a privacy batsignal to US lawmakers

Children are being datafied before weve understood the risks report warns

Taxing your privacy

Unregulated facial recognition technology presents unique risks for the LGBTQ community

Facebook has autoenrolled users into a facial recognition test in Europe

Facebook has locked down its platform Why thats bad news for researchers

Australia sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica fine could scale to 529BN

Tim BernersLee on the huge sociotechnical design challenge

Twitter will publicly shame users until they delete their bad tweets

UK watchdog eyeing PM Boris Johnsons Facebook ads data grab

AI spots legal problems with tech TCs in GDPR research project

Seized cache of Facebook docs raise competition and consent questions

Proposed bill would forbid big tech platforms from using dark pattern design

Get popcorn for iOS 13s privacy popups of creepy Facebook data grabs

This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent

GDPR has cut ad trackers in Europe but helped Google study suggests

Mozilla pulls ads off Facebook over data access concerns

Audit Facebook and overhaul competition law say MEPs responding to breach scandals

Facebooks dodgy defaults face more scrutiny in Europe

Big tech must not reframe digital ethics in its image

Apples CEO Tim Cook to flag trust and humanity in major privacy speech

Facebook is still falling short on privacy says German minister

A new Congress means a new opportunity for consumer privacy protections

A French Muslim group is suing Facebook and YouTube for hosting the Christchurch shooting video

WebKits new antitracking policy puts privacy on a par with security

Dont break up big tech regulate data access says EU antitrust chief

Facebook agrees it will be liable for future Cambrige Analyticas

Apple ATT Amazon Google among tech giants called to Senate Commerce Committee

UK Council websites are letting citizens be profiled for ads study shows

Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data

Facebooks tracking of nonusers ruled illegal again

Facebook could face billions in potential damages as court rules facial recognition lawsuit can proceed