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China Roundup: Alibaba to add 5000 staff to cloud unit

Snapchat knows you want to see what youd look like in the metaverse

Instagram oneups TikTok with karaoke lyrics

Shein overtakes Amazon as the most installed shopping app in US

Daily Crunch: Google will unplug its IoT Core service in August 2023

China roundup: Tesla supplier CATL to buy Canadas Millennial Lithium

Clubhouse announces plans for creator payments and raises new funding led by Andreessen Horowitz

China roundup: Beijing takes stake in ByteDance Amazon continues China crackdown

Linkinbio monetization platform Snipfeed raises a 55M seed round

Snapchat Trying to profit off of its TikTok clone Say it aint so

Inside Affirms IPO filing: A look at its economics profits and revenue concentration

Instagram rolls out a new typeface slightly tweaked logo and more in visual refresh

TikTok fined in France for manipulative cookieconsent flow

Amid growing concerns around app addiction TikTok rolls out more screen tools

Daily Crunch: Stripe stripped: Fintech leader slashes internal valuation by 28

Social app IRL lays off 25 of team says it has enough cash to last well into 2024

Gmail gets a new look Instagram trips while trying to be TikTok and India blocks Battleground Mobile

How ecommerce brands can outlast this market downturn

Token and equity management startup Sprout raises 3M led by Sequoia

ByteDance launches its first gadget in a big education push

Messaging social network IRL hits unicorn status with SoftBankled 170M Series C

Arpeggi Labs banks a16z funding to build web3 music software

TikToks rivals in India struggle to cash in on its ban

Conductor raises 150M at a 525M valuation to build out its searchbased organic marketing technology

China Roundup: Tencents NBA test TikTok parent deepens education push

WeAre8 launches crowdfunder for its social media app where users are paid to watch ads

How much is link in bio real estate worth Linktrees new valuation says 13 billion

TikTok parent ByteDance leads 6M round in financial AI startup Lingxi

Meta is dumping Facebook logins as its metaverse ID system

Digital marketplace Clutch closes 12M preseed round led by Precursor Ventures

Daily Crunch: 85B AmazonMGM merger will bring thousands of titles to Prime Video

TikTok WeChat and the growing digital divide between the US and China

TikTok updates its policies with focus on minor and LGBTQ safety age appropriate content and more

Google begins rolling out ads in YouTube Shorts globally

ByteDance valuation under huge pressure as TikTok sale nears

Spotify revamps its app with TikTokstyle discovery feeds Smart Shuffle for playlists and more

Incredible Health passes unicorn valuation as it bags 80M Series B

TikTok to add more privacy protections for teenaged users limit push notifications

China Roundup: TikTok stumbles in the US and Huawei shipments continue to surge

TikTok sues US government ramping up battle with Trump administration amid acquisition talks

TikToks new Hashtag Challenge Plus lets video viewers shop for products in the app

TikTok partners with Hootsuite Sprinklr Emplifi and more to make it easier for brands to reach users

Tech for good during COVID19: Skyhigh gifts extra help and chips

TechCrunch roundup: SaaS benchmarks TikTok strategy milestonebased fundraising

Solana cofounder says NFTs have 50 different use cases that can onboard millions this year

5 ways to seize the opportunities created by recent chaos in ad tech

Pareto thinks it shouldnt be so hard to collect leadgeneration data

YC and a16z back virtual reality basketball app Gym Class

Beware the hidden bias behind TikTok resumes

Bounty raises 47M to help everyday TikTokers make money from reviews