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Chinas Qutoutiao is burning millions of dollars to take on TikTok parent

China roundup: Tesla supplier CATL to buy Canadas Millennial Lithium

ByteDance denies it will go public in Hong Kong next quarter

Daily Crunch: Citing global market uncertainties Sea flatlines Shopee India

Chinas ByteDance leapfrogs Uber to becomes worlds most valuable startup

TikToks parent company ByteDance is reportedly looking for 2B before its Hong Kong public offering

Google begins rolling out ads in YouTube Shorts globally

ByteDance launches its first gadget in a big education push

Pearpop introduces dynamic NFTs that gain value as a social media post goes viral

Wayflyer raises 150M on a 16B valuation for a new spin on providing loans to ecommerce merchants

Vine reboot Byte begins beta testing

Equity Monday: Could Satya and TikTok make Bytedance investors happy enough to dance

Daily Crunch: Twitter board OKs Musks 44B buyout describes sale as best path forward

TikTok owner ByteDances longawaited chat app is here

Twitter latest filing admits to risk of losing advertisers and staff due to Musk takeover

Stop guessing your KPIs Varos shows ecommerce SaaS companies how you compare to peers

Flox an app to help friend groups meet each other is wooing college students in NYC

Yahaha Studios a platform for building nocode immersive games raised 50M in 3 rounds ahead of its launch this year

Daily Crunch: Google unveils new options for removing personal data from search results

TikTok parent Bytedance is getting serious about games

Poparazzi hypes itself to the top of the App Store

Daily Crunch: Beating other takeover bidders Bosch acquires autonomous driving startup Fiveai

Playbytes new app aims to become the TikTok for games

Alibaba pumps 100 million into Vmate to grow its video app in India

The Web Foundation is taking on deceptive design

Twitter latest filing admits to risk of losing of advertisers and staff due to Musk takeover

PearPop lets TikTok celebrities monetize by sharing shoutouts and screentime with fans

Why governments are threatened by teens on TikTok

Shein overtakes Amazon as the most installed shopping app in US

TikTok tops 2 billion downloads

Triller aims for TikTok with additions of influencers like Charli DAmelio and Addison Rae

As it awaits its US fate TikTok doubles down on its revenue funnel with marketing partners

Daily Crunch: African mobility fintech Moove raises 105M in Series A2

TikTok owner ByteDance buys a top virtual reality hardware startup

Playhouse is TikTok meets Zillow for the next generation of homeowners

TikToks new Creator Marketplace API lets influencer marketing companies tap into firstparty data

What Microsoft wanted from a TikTok deal and why its bid for the hit social video app didnt pan out

ByteDance TikToks parent company plans to launch a free music streaming app

Daily Crunch: Discord and Spotify resuming service after widespread outage

3 ways to recruit engineers who fly under LinkedIns radar

Valued at 50M Body404 wants to bring Chinese indie brands to the world

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How Startups and Entrepreneurs Can Use TikTok to Grow Their Businesses

Apples biggest scandal of 2022 is already happening

TikTok is launching a live subscription comedy series with social media collaboration company Pearpop

Chinas logistics robot maker VisionNav raises 76M at 500M valuation

5 growth marketing predictions for 2022

TikTok influencer turned biotech founder has marketing down to a science

Numerade lands 100M valuation for shortform STEM videos

TikTok to open a Transparency Center in Europe to take content and security questions