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TOffeeAM raises 1 million for AI Topology Optimization Tool for 3D Printing

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Raytheon Receives Funding for Aerospace 3D Printing of Optical Components

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TU Delft Researchers Develop Heat Accumulation Detection Procedure for SLM 3D Printing

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nTopology Closes 40M Funding Round to Enhance 3D Printing Software

3D Printing News Briefs: December 15 2017

Improving 3D Printing AM Processes with Topology Optimization for FDM

Additive Flow Goes Adds Additive Awareness to Generative Design

Additive Flow Adds Additive Awareness to Generative Design

3D Printing News Briefs: April 17 2018

Science in the Age of Experience: Additive Manufacturing Symposium Draws Expert Discussion on Progress Challenges

ParaMatters Introduces Generative Design CogniCAD Platform at CES 2018

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ParaMatters Introduces CogniCAD 20 Topology Optimizer at CES 2019

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Simulation Software and 3D Microstructure Skeletons Could Automate Materials Design

ETH Zurich Students Cast Elaborate Metal Architectural Structures with 3D Printed Molds

Heraeus Creates Largest 3D Printed Gear Wheel Made from Amorphous Metals