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Uppercase raises 35M to help etailers open brickandmortar stores

Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

Kepler will build its small satellites at a new manufacturing facility in Toronto

Ubers selfdriving unit starts mapping Washington DC ahead of testing

Instacart raises another 600M at a 76B valuation

Can the tech industry create more affordable cities Google parent Alphabet is betting yes

North ending production of current Focals smart glasses to focus on Focals 20

Make room Google: Microsoft announces new Canadian HQ in Toronto

Flybits nabs 35M to build consumer recommendation engines for the financial sector

Helping children overcome their mobility challenges Trexo Robotics gets a Y Combinator boost

Integrateai pulls in 30M to help businesses make better customercentric decisions

Techstars Detroit announces first class after major refocus

Kepler to launch two batches of nanosatellites aboard SpaceXs Falcon 9

How Axis went from concept to shipping its Gear smart blinds hardware

Luge Capital raises 85M to invest in Canadian fintech startups

Uber selfdriving cars are back testing on San Francisco streets

Techstars Detroit announce first class after major refocus

The case for Amazon HQ2 in Toronto gets stronger amid Trump attacks and tech boom

Top Hat raises 55M Series D for its higher ed learning platform

Peertopeer parking marketplace Rover tests monthly subscriptions

Max Q: How to build a Starship

Vertical market networks effective startup names Libra Carbon and Sidewalk Labs

Why Silicon Valley needs more visas

Researchers Build Inexpensive Open Source Bioprinter for 3D Printing Branching HydrogelBased Vascular Constructs

Careteam aims to unite patients and healthcare providers with a platform approach

Eddy Travels closes preseed round led by Techstars to scale its AI travel assistant

Seattle vs Toronto: Ranking their tech hubs and sports clout as cities face off for MLS Cup

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is headed to Canada with instore preorders starting today

Canadian Startup is Turning Food Waste into Biodegradable Plastic 3D Printing Filament

GM exits carsharing business and shuts down Maven

Mejuri raises 23M Series B to serve women buying jewelry for themselves

Startup group works to get flatpacked protective boxes to frontline COVID19 medical workers

Google reveals plan for smart city makeover of Toronto waterfront is there room left for Amazons second HQ

Terminal raises 17M led by 8VC to source and build remote teams of engineers

Uber plants its flag in Toronto as tech momentum continues for Amazon HQ2 finalist city

Crunch Report Apple could give us a bigger iPhone X Lyft goes to Canada

Startups net more than capital with NBA players as investors

Alphabet vs Amazon: Sidewalk Labs CEO says HQ2 vision wont even be close to Googles Toronto plan

Researchers Create Portable Bioprinter for Deep Skin Wound Repair

Volkswagen launches WeShare allelectric car sharing service

Uber issued permit to test selfdriving vehicles on California public roads

Delphia wants to turn your data into investment capital through collective action

Why Kepler is building its fullstack satellite business in Canada

Alphabets Sidewalk Labs reveals plans for Toronto innovation district featuring lightup streets and timber towers

In big techs future expansion plans public good should be the corporate incentive

Small satellite startup Kepler opens signups for its IoT developer kits

Uber spent 457 million on selfdriving and flying car RD last year

Despite Google ties Sidewalk Labs CEO says theres no intent to sell data from Toronto smart city project

Luna is a new kind of space company helping biotech find its footing in microgravity

Uber to acquire grocery delivery startup Cornershop