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5 tips for scaling your green startup during a funding drought

Snapchat is growing faster than Facebook and Twitter

Google pauses its ad sales in Russia Microsoft pauses sales

Twitter will hide false tweets from highprofile accounts during times of crisis

Shield AI raises 165M at a 23B valuation to fuel development of its military autonomous flying systems

Kremlin critic Navalny calls for Google and Meta to turn their adtech into an antiwar weapon

Russian hackers behind SolarWinds are now hiding malware in Google Drive

Meta and Twitter purge web of accounts spreading proUS propaganda abroad

Protestware on the rise: Why developers are sabotaging their own code

How to effectively manage a remote team during wartime

Ukraines largest mobile operator Kyivstar downed by powerful cyberattack

Sequoia debuts Arc a LondonSV program to find and mentor outlier startups backing each with 1M

Dorians nocode interactive storytelling app turns fiction writers into game developers

3D Printing News Unpeeled: Spee3d Aprecia and Stratasys

100 million Leta Capital wants to be a friend to Russiaspeaking founders everywhere

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Apple suspends Search Ads on the Russian App Store until further notice

Daily Crunch: Corporate management startup Ramp doubles its valuation to 81B with new financing

NZVC creates fund for earlystage New Zealand ventures

Propy launches NFT platform in the US allowing realworld property to be bought as an NFT

Overwhelming Warfare: RussiaUkraine Technological Showdown

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Dear Sophie: How can US tech companies support Ukrainians with immigration

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