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Huawei reportedly punishes staff for New Years Eve tweet sent from an iPhone

Ubers wrongs show we need better workers rights says UK PM

Bag Week 2018: The Bitcoin Genesis Block backpack will centralize your belongings

75000 Bn for Global Beer Market by 2022

AI training and social network content moderation services bring TaskUs a 250 million windfall

XGenomes is bringing DNA sequencing to the masses

Facebook rolls out checks for UK political ads

Facebook is launching political ad checks in Nigeria Ukraine EU and India in coming months

Facebooks dark ads problem is systemic

As UK firesup private space industry Space Camp Accelerator launches

SimbaPay launches Kenya to China payment service via WeChat

How a small French privacy ruling could remake adtech for good

Facebook urged to make GDPR its baseline standard globally

EU govt and public health sites lousy with adtech study finds

UK police to get more powers to curb drone misuse after Gatwick fiasco

New breathalyser test for drugs developed

Children are being datafied before weve understood the risks report warns

The annual PornHub year in review tells us what were really looking at online

Lightfoot gets 4M to nudge more drivers to go smooth with a Fitbit for cars

Cambridge Analyticas Nix said it licensed millions of data points from Acxiom Experian Infogroup to target US voters

Revolut CFO resigns following money laundering controversy

UN warns over human rights impact of a digital welfare state

3D Printing News Briefs: February 6 2018

Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in 60 markets

Facebook urged to offer an API for political ad transparency research

Jane VC a new fund for female entrepreneurs wants founders to cold email them

Legal fight against UK state hacking seeks crowdfunds

Applied gets 2M to make hiring fairer using algorithms not AI

Former eBay product chief RJ Pittman takes the reins at 3D capture company Matterport

Kencko wants to help you eat more fruit and vegetables

UK moves toward driverless car tests without safety drivers

Deliveroo opens up POS integration for restaurant partners via an API

With 50M in fresh funding Allbirds will open new stores in the US UK and Asia

Tech platforms called to support public interest research into mental health impacts

What President Trump Doesnt Know About ZTE

Australia rushes its dangerous antiencryption bill into parliament despite massive opposition

Massageondemand company Soothe raises 31 million

Femtech hardware startup Elvie inks strategic partnership with UKs NHS

Neos launches IoTpowered home insurance UKwide

Online platforms still not clear enough about hate speech takedowns: EC

Thriva expands its range of testathome kits to add female hormone and cortisol stress tests

Uber and Deliveroo get a gig economy rights grilling

True Fit closes 55 Mn series C financing to expand its first ever Genome for footwear and apparel

What an American artificial intelligence initiative really needs

Lyft speeds ahead with its autonomous initiatives

Whim the allinone mobility app for ridesharing public transit and rentals is coming to the US

Facebook is facing an EU data probe over fake ads

Kry bags 66M to launch its videocalladoctor service in more European markets

UK parliament calls for antitrust data abuse probe of Facebook

Researchers find that filters dont prevent porn