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Superwideangle Zwicky Transient Facility celebrates first light with help from UW

Nanyang Technological University: Inkjet Printing of ZnO MicroSized Thin Films

University of Nottingham Researchers Use UV Light to 3D Print MultiFunctional Devices

Russian Cats Walk Again with 3D Printed Titanium Prosthetic Paws

3D Printed Clay Made Stronger with Fungus in New Research

From dorm room to Starbucks Rip Van Wafels is bringing Euroinspired snack to the masses

Delft Researchers 3D Printing with Electron Beam Induced Deposition for Antibacterial Surfaces

The Supreme Court will hear its first big CFAA case

Senti Bio raises 105 million for its new programmable biology platform and cancer therapies

AI Camera Monitoring of 3D Printed Electronics for Quality Assurance

Scientists put out the call for 10000 canines to join the Dog Aging Project

Washington state researchers get 2M grant to invent better ways of recycling plastic trash

Moving deeper into enterprise cloud Intel picks up Barefoot Networks

Xian Jiaotong University: Chinese Researchers Create New Hydrogel 3D Printing System

Researchers Develop Helpful AMCET Tool for Estimating Total Costs of 3D Printing

Using TwoStage T6 Heat Treatment to Tailor the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Aluminum AlSi10Mg Alloys

NTU Singapore: Robotic PostProcessing System Removes Residual Powder from 3D Printed Parts

FrenchAustralian Research Collaboration Centers on Metallic 3D Printing and Marine Propellers

Lot of One: Will Warehouses Sit Empty as 3D Printing Customization Kills Mass Manufacturing

3D Printed Vertebrae Models that Simulate Human Bone Used to Train Spinal Surgeons

I went oneonone with Carnegie Mellons champion poker bot and did NOT get crushed

Plant Inspires 3D Printed Material for Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Critical Nuclear Fuel Production Unit 3D Printed for Commercial Nuclear Fusion

The alumni of these universities raised the most VC in the past year

Researchers Integrate 3D Printing Wearable Sensors to Make Accessible Prosthetic Hand

Thesis Provides Proof of Concept for Using 3D Printing to Improve Design of Internal Pressure Relief Valve

3D Printing News Briefs July 22 2021: XJet TPM Duncan Parnell Seurat FedDev Ontario University of Waterloo Tata Technologies Stratasys US Marine Corps Nexa3D INTAMSYS Shell ORNL Local Motors

Backed by former Facebook and Twitter execs Tagg launches social branding app for Gen Z

3D Printing News Briefs: October 17 2017

Tech Moves: ExMicrosoft legal head joins UW health initiative Amazon mints another startup CFO

How techsavvy farmers are harnessing big data to tend the fields of the future

Kensh Health publicly launches its antithesis of Goop

Showcase your earlystage startup at TC Sessions: Climate 2022

Tech Moves: Remitly hires first chief people officer Amazon VP of finance leaves for Snap and more

Univ of Washington computer science experts raise 39M for machine learning startup OctoML

Researchers 3D Print Clamping Systems to Cut Down on Slippage During Soft Tissue Testing

Researchers Increase Strength of FDM 3D Printed Parts for UAV Applications

Lithuania 3D Prints the Pope a Nanoscale Nativity Scene

Youngstown Business Incubator Opens Fifth Building for Additive Manufacturing

Purdues PHADE technology lets cameras talk to you

Activitymonitoring startup Zensors repurposes its tech to help coronavirus response

NASA taps CMU to develop robots to help turn pits on the Moon into potential habitats

Monashees raises 150 million for its eighth Latin American fund

3D Printed Vascular Patches with Patterned Channels Used to Grow Organized Blood Vessels in Mice

Researchers Use CrossLinking Strategy to Improve SLA 3D Printing Focus on PolyurethaneAcrylate

RoMA: Robotic 3D Printing and Augmented Reality Combine in Interactive Fabrication Platform

Reality or Hype: 3D Printing Improving Performance in Sports Industry

New interactive climate tool reveals temperature and rainfall changes in your own backyard or close to it

DNA Script picks up 385 million to make DNA production faster and simpler

Stratasys Takes 3D Printing Focus Down to the Voxel Speaking the Language of Each Application