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Geek of the Week: Univ of Washingtons Robert Masse plugs into analytics to build better batteries

DNA data storage system rises past 400 megabytes find out how to store yours

GeekWork Picks: Salesforce looking to fill its Seattlearea office with engineers and developers

Gates Foundation awards 800K grant to AAlpha Bio for COVID19 treatment research

Biologists sniff out another method that microbes use to make methane

A smart ring for AR realtime AI for healthcare and more University of Washington tech innovations

How two Seattle startups are helping doctors uncover hidden trends in COVID19 cases

Young founder of 1B HashiCorp giving back to Univ of Washington with millions in scholarship aid

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University of Washington computer science leader Hank Levy reflects on 13 years of massive change

You cant wash your hands of this Watch University of Washington computer science chair sound off on Facebook and Russia

University of Washington once again named worlds most innovative public university

Coronavirus contact tracing is ramping up along with online training to fill the gap

Seattle Public Library and UW awarded 353K federal grant to help kids codesign digital activities

Tech Moves: Delivery giant Gopuff adds Seattlearea execs Wheels Up names CEO and more

Junior Geek of the Month: A UW student at 16 Merrill Keating leads other girls along STEM path

Scientists find more potential ingredients for antibody cocktail that fights COVID19

These 3D printed objects can connect to WiFi through plastic without batteries or electronics

Univ of Washingtons Husky Robotics is on a roll as Mars rover offers students a big engineering project

UW grad launches Kickstarter to bring his smoothie mix to the masses and help reduce food waste

Virtual graduation: Tech tools help Univ of Washington host firstever remote ceremony

Gates Foundation gives 15M to complete funding for new Univ of Washington computer science building

Zap Energy nets 160M Series C to advance its lightninginabottle fusion tech

Has COVID19 changed sports forever UW WSU athletic directors and Sounders owner look ahead

TLDR: LA Clippers Steve Ballmer unveil augmented reality NBA experience

Superwideangle Zwicky Transient Facility celebrates first light with help from UW

UW team imagines a better Parkinsons test lands in global finals for Microsoft student competition

Mindblowing gift to Univ of Washington computer science honors Ed Lazowskas ongoing legacy

Meet the hacker professor whos saving lives with smart devices and sonar

Society of Women Engineers group at University of Washington aims to close the gender gap

Microsoftfunded USChina tech institute GIX graduates first class reveals student projects

Univ of Washington studies compulsive phone use: what triggers us to look and what makes us stop

Robotic race car platform from Univ of Washington designed to speed research around AI

The mobile ultrasound revolution: How technology is expanding this medical tool to new frontiers

Rapidresponse telescope team shares greatest hits from ZTF sky scanner

TLDR: A big day for Seattle tech companies on Wall Street universal flu vaccine the intersection of tech and fashion

This tiny drone uses an actual moth antenna to sniff out target chemicals

Apparel startup SclObo weaves an original story through its unique clothes for gamers

Asteroid Institutes first fellows come with credentials that are out of this world

Public records reveal TMobiles plan to make Seattle a 5G hub in partnership with UW and tech giants

Fashion and technology find their fit together in a runway show at the University of Washington

Tired of phones at concerts College student wins Amazon Catalyst grant for tiny headband camera

Icosavax cofounder and UW researcher Neil King talks vaccine development in the digital era

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Wrap up 2018 with board games ring in new year with comic conventions

New Seattle startup emerges from UW to develop cancerfighting protein three decades in the making

Inclusive design and accessible tech in the spotlight at Univ of Washington student showcase

How the global coronavirus response creates opportunities for impact investing

Retired UW computer science professor embroiled in Twitter spat over AI ethics and cancel culture

AI proves a dab hand at pure mathematics and protein hallucination

Researchers developed a sensing system to constantly track the performance of workers