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Paystand banks 50M to make B2B payments cashless and with no fees

Payment service Toss becomes Koreas newest unicorn after raising 80M

GIFs are coming to Venmo

Tiger Global leads 34M investment into Unit21 a nocode fraud prevention platform

Venmo is pausing some payments being sent to Palestinian relief funds

Venmo now lets users buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum

Venmo adds a check cashing feature waives fees for stimulus checks

Pitching a 99 tax advisory service for the masses Visor has raised 9 million

Twitter accelerates again with Bitcoin tips NFTs recorded Spaces creator fund and more

Berlins Remagine secures 24M to finance highgrowth and impactled startups

Venmo adds a checkcashing feature waives fees for stimulus checks

Looking to emulate Venmo JoomPay preps a Euro launch for easy bill splitting and cash payments

Wealthsimple raises 610M at a 4B valuation

In its first funding in 7 years profitable fintech Lower raises 100M Series A led by Accel

Equity transcribed: Slacks IPO the VCs behind Facebook Libra founder salaries and trouble in scooterland

Venmo is releasing a limited edition rainbow card

Yep Venmo was down for a few hours

Fintech startup Plaid raises 250M at a 265B valuation

Shopping at CVS Pretty soon you can just Venmo the drug store

TLDR: Supreme Court upholds travel ban Venmo launches debit card Seattle Space Needle renovation almost done

Venmo launches debit card with the ability to split purchases with friends

Millennials stop using Venmo to buy drugs

Verizon stealthily launched a startup offering 40permonth unlimited data messaging and minutes

ExPlaid employees raise 30M for Stytch an APIfirst passwordless authentication platform

TLDR: Supreme Court upholds travel ban Venmo launches debit card Space Needle revamp almost done

Why were doubling down on cloud investments right now

You might want to check your Venmo privacy settings bud

CVS becomes first national retailer to offer support for PayPal and Venmo QR codes at checkout

Venmo faresplitting is coming to the Uber app

Delphia wants to turn your data into investment capital through collective action

Sam Lessin and Andrew Kortina on their voice assistants workplace pivot

Equity Monday: Big iPads and Ballmerera Google

Fresh off a 265B valuation Plaid cofounder William Hockey is leaving

What you buy with Facebook Pay could affect the ads you see

Yep Venmo is down

Messenger adds Venmolike QR codes for persontoperson payments in the US

Who will the winners be in the future of fintech

US regulators need to catch up with Europe on fintech innovation

Which types of startups are most often profitable

French peertopeer payment app Lydia adds Apple Pay support

The Venmo debit card is officially coming to a wallet near you

Surviving Capital Raising During Marketplace Disruption From COVID19