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Food delivery startup Swiggy raises 1 billion more from Naspers Tencent and others

Google Street View cars will be roaming around the planet to check our air quality with these sensors

Baidus streaming video service iQiyi falls 136 in Nasdaq debut

Google Images on desktop adds a side panel and feels more purposedriven

Pinterest prices IPO above range

Announcing TC Sessions: Mobility a oneday event on the future of mobility and transportation

Korean hotel platform Yanolja raises 180M at a valuation of over 1B

New federal rules blamed in disappearance of Kindle erotica titles

Fitness startup Mirror nears 300M valuation with fresh funding

Indias Mfine raises 172M for its digital healthcare service

Alphabet Apple Amazon and Facebook are in the crosshairs of the FTC and DOJ

StudioBricks is a Barcelonabased startup that sends you a studio in a box

The startup behind that deepfake David Beckham video just raised 3M

Startups Weekly: Will the Seattle tech scene ever reach its full potential

48hour buyonegetone free TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

Google acquires cloud migration platform Alooma

One Medical raises 350 million from Carlyle Group to help double up offices and offerings

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Celebrate the birth of the World Wide Web with this Google Doodle

Former state Senator Jeremy Ring talks about the first days of Yahoo

Fifty years of the internet

Coinbase loses its first CTO after just one year in the job

Cleveland offered 120 million in freebies lure Amazon to the city

Cloudflare says cutting off customers like 8chan is an IPO risk factor

Googles Lunar Xprize to go unclaimed as moonshot deadline looms

Announcing TC Sessions: Mobility a one day event on the future of mobility and transportation

Inventor of the web says the web needs to be fixed and fast

Watch the trailer for season five of Silicon Valley

Google expands controls to let you mute those annoying ads that follow you on every site

Twitter hints at new threaded conversations and whos online features

FanAI buys Waypoint Media to better track fan engagement for streaming monetization

The race for the autonomous car is on and hear FiveAI attack plan at Disrupt Berlin

Week in Review: Snapchat beats a dead horse

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TechCrunch Include Office Hours with Cavalry Ventures

Microsoft opensources a crucial algorithm behind its Bing Search services

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Steemit a decentralized sharing system lays off 70 of staff

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Google Amazon and Facebook

Platform power is crushing the web warns BernersLee

A Twitter employee groomed by the Saudi government prompted 2015 statesponsored hacking warning

Youthrun agency AIESEC exposed over 4 million intern applications

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Naspers announces 300 million initiative to support startups and tech in South Africa

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Google proposes new privacy and antifingerprinting controls for the web

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Minds aims to decentralize the social network

AWS launches translation services