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Activeloop snags 5M seed to build streaming database for AI applications

Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras will share his companys founding story at TechCrunch Disrupt

Y Combinator wants 100 times more MRI scans

Tech for good during COVID19: Skyhigh gifts extra help and chips

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Investors eat up Orbillion Bios plans for labgrown wagyu beef elk and bison

BuzzFeeds former CTO joins mens health startup Ro

Fresh out of YC Houm raises 8M to improve the home rental and sales market in LatAm

Complete helps startups think through the why and how of employee pay

Handlecom helps independent construction workers get paid on time

YCs latest batch sure was a lot of maybe AI can do this

Data observability startup Metaplane lands investment from YC others

These are the 64 startups unveiled at Y Combinator W18 Demo Day 2

European point of sale provider SumUp acquires customer loyalty startup Fivestars for 317M

This YC Summer batch features the largest group of African startups yet

Sourcify is connecting entrepreneurs directly to prevetted overseas factories

Growth is out profitability is in

Ginkgo Bioworks dev shop for genetic programming is now worth 4 billion

Startup brewing waste to replace palm oil gets Gates Foundation cash

Showing the power of startup womens health brands PG buys This is L

What incubators and tech ecosystems can offer health startups

YC just published a 70page Series A guide so founders dont tank their own prospects

The huge TAM of fake breaded chicken bits

Finmark wants to put sophisticated financial modeling within reach of startups

TubeMogul Uber alums launch Arize AI for AI observability

Algerias Yassir picks up 30M to build a super app in North Africa

How students are founding funding and joining startups

Y Combinator invests in noninvasive breast cancer screening bra EVA

Meal planner startup Kitchenful raises 19M from VentureFriends Goodwater Capital and Jabbar

Y Combinatorbacked CostCertified lands 845M to build the Amazon for construction

Fintech startup LiveFlow raises 35M Seed to automate financial data flows

Heres Y Combinators answer to cultivated meats scaling problem

Startups Weekly: Upfront Ventures bets on a bus service

Peakflos bid to build business payments for Southeast Asia attracts capital customers

Microsoft acquires Citus Data

Machine learning for everyone startup Intersect Labs launches platform for data analysis

Creative Destruction Labs second Super Session is an intense twoday startup testbed

Business trip platform TravelPerk buys YCbacked rival NexTravel

This week in TechCrunch podcasts: The new TC Pod Chain Reaction Found Equity and The TechCrunch Live Podcast

Deviceplane wants to bring overtheair updates to Linux edge devices

OpenPhone lets you get a business phone number with an app

Agricultural biotech startup Boost Biomes adds a strategic investor in Japans Universal Materials Incubator

Relativity Space signs the satellite transportation company Momentus as a new customer

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Kim Kardashian and the financialization of trendsetters

Dili wants to automate due diligence with AI

Propelling deep space flight with a new fuel source Momentus prepares for liftoff