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Its the end of crypto as we know it and I feel fine

Chipper Cash convinces Joe Montana to invest in African fintech

Google has acquired one of Indias most popular traintracking apps

Warung Pintar raises 275M to digitize Indonesias street vendors

Mozilla and Yahoo are suing each over Firefoxs default search engine

Grocery delivery startup Honestbee is running out of money and trying to sell

Google has acquired one of Indias most popular train tracking apps

Apples increasingly tricky international tradeoffs

Fresh out of Y Combinator Tandem lands millions from Andreessen Horowitz

What happened to Yahoos 10M alliance with CMU and how it could help AI restore our humanity

Tumblrs next step forward with Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg

Yahoo Finance launches social savings app Tanda an alternative to credit cards

Axios Dan Primack on the most polarizing startup that exists

How Zhihu has become one of Chinas biggest hubs for experts

Chinas Qutoutiao is burning millions of dollars to take on TikTok parent

The Slack origin story

Tumblr CEO David Karp is leaving the company after more than 10 years

The rest of the NFL playoffs will stream on Yahoos sports app

Verizon will sell off a pornfree Tumblr for nominal amount

Bill Gatesbacked Vicarious Surgical adds a virtual reality twist to robots in the operating room

Yahoo now says all 3 billion of its accounts affected by security breach

Drone delivery startup Zipline launches UAV medical program in Ghana

WeChat ewallet teams up with Line to target Japans 7M Chinese tourists

Brotopia inspired OODA Health to raise its 405M round only from firms with female partners

Flickrs new owner is here to save it from oblivion again

NeYo wants to make Silicon Valley more diverse one investment at a time

Startups Weekly: Is Munchery the Fyre Festival of startups

Yahoo shuts down social savings app Tanda only months after launch

How Zhihus become one of Chinas biggest hubs for experts

Latest round of Verizon layoffs at Oath affects 4 of staff globally

Verizon declines to comment on WSJ report saying Tim Armstrong is in talks to leave Oath

Verizon stealthily launched a startup offering 40permonth unlimited data messaging and minutes

Farmstead is an ambitious grocery delivery startup with plans to defeat Instacart

EU govt and public health sites lousy with adtech study finds

Facebook agrees to do more to tackle scam ads after celebrity defamation lawsuit

CVCompiler is an robot that fixes your resume to make you more competitive

Outgoing Facebook CSO Alex Stamos will join Disrupt SF to talk cybersecurity

Postman raises 50 million to grow its API development platform

EU govt and public health sites are lousy with adtech study finds

Former state Senator Jeremy Ring talks about the first days of Yahoo

Instana raises 30M for its application performance monitoring service

What we can learn from DTC success with TV ads

Y Combinator is launching a startup program in China

Altaba to settle lawsuits relating to Yahoo data breach for 47 million

Inside look at Yahoos fantasy football platform: How tech supports traffic spikes and live scoring

CV Compiler is a robot that fixes your resume to make you more competitive

Blockchain gaming gets a boost with Mythical Games 16M Series A

Investors place 25M on AtScale to get the big picture of big data