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Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in 60 markets

3D Printing News Briefs: February 6 2018

Kry bags 66M to launch its videocalladoctor service in more European markets

Revolut adds Apple Pay support in 16 markets

Contraception app Natural Cycles Facebook ad banned for being misleading

European VC firm Pale Blue Dot plans to fund 40 planetpositive startups

IDOT: Understanding Cellinks Single Cell Dispenser

Swedens Engaging Care raises 800000 for its digital healthcare SaaS

3D Printing News Briefs: March 9 2019

Natural Cycles contraception app told to clarify pregnancy risks

Pitching a 99 tax advisory service for the masses Visor has raised 9 million

Einride to launch commercial pilot of driverless electric pods with CocaCola European Partners

In conversation with Icebreaker Finlands most active preseed VC

Cellink Turns to 3D Printing Tumors to Combat Cancer

Volvo creates a dedicated business for autonomous industrial and commercial transport

Interview with Gavin Jeffries from Fluicell: Cell Biology is at the Core of our Work

Norrsken opens East Africa startup fund and hub in Kigali

Volvo cars in Europe will be able to warn to each other about hazardous road conditions

With a 10 million round Nigerias Paga plans global expansion

GE Healthcare Opens First 3D Printing Center in Europe

Cake brings a Swedish take on emotorcycle design to the US

Microsoft buys 300 acres of land for 30M for potential future use growing European presence

Research Leads to Swedish Startup and New 3D Printable Graphene Material

BlackRock backs Trustly bank transfer payments platform now valued at over 1B

Volvo cars in Europe will be able to warn each other about hazardous road conditions

Sweden: Improving Writing Resolution in Electrohydrodynamic 3DPrinting

Sweden: Improving Writing Resolution in Electrohydrodynamic 3D Printing

Swarm gets all the approvals it needs to begin operating its satellite connectivity service in the US

Fluicell is Preparing to be the Next Big Player in Swedens Bioprinting Field

Kry expands its telehealth service to France under new brand Livi

3D Printing News Briefs: December 19 2017