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Facebooks bad news from the last 24 hours ranked

Facebooks Libra Association changes its name

Genalyte hires Facebook and Google exec Kevin Lo as company president

Facebook curbs its controversial facial recognition features

Facebook says it would totally never use its patent to spy on you with your phones mic

Facebook will award bonuses to employees who fix its fake news hate speech problems

Apple to Facebook: Were standing up for our users

Facebook reveals its impotence as Trump sows confusion about voting twice

Facebook seeks patent on tech that turns on your smartphone microphone

Facebook data is powering Stanford economists American inequality study

Cambridge Analytica used selfdestructing email to cover its tracks

Facebook acquires team behind blockchain startup Chainspace

This browser extension unhides Instagram Likes

The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin rips Mark Zuckerberg in open letter

Facebook removes campaign with ties to Saudi Arabian government

Facebook takes aim at children under 13 with Messenger Kids

5 takeaways on the state of AI from Disrupt SF

Africa Roundup: CcHubs iHub acquisition Andelas 50M run rate and layoffs Transsions IPO

How students are founding funding and joining startups

Everything that happened at the Big Tech antitrust hearing

YCs Earth AI closes funding for its platform to make mining less wasteful

Finally dark mode arrives to soothe your 3am WhatsApps

Another personality quiz is coming back to haunt millions of Facebook users

Lime claims it didnt know controversial PR firm Definers would sling mud at rivals

Tencents mixed bag for Q1: record profit despite weakest revenue growth yet

Facebook documents seized by the UK government could end up being published

The real reason Facebook let Houseparty slip away

After earnings Amazon joins the 1T club as Alphabet dips out

Indias Meesho raises 125M to expand its social commerce business

Facebook bot helps employees awkwardly talk to their families about scandals

Facebook defends targeted ads that only show job openings to young people

Europe wants Facebook Twitter and Google to give monthly reports on fake news

Dutch court orders Facebook to ban celebrity crypto scam ads after another lawsuit

Mark Zuckerberg really wants you to know he reads the New York Times

Facebook shareholders try and fail to limit Mark Zuckerbergs power

Go ahead make fun of Mark Zuckerbergs face all you want

Resolutions for 2019 the tech industry should really really consider

People dont like working at Facebook as much as they used to

Instagram now lets you see when your friends are online

Facebook has a weak excuse for letting Trump spread misinformation on mailin voting

Samsung backs Indus OS three other startups in first investments for its VC arm in India

Instagram now lets you share a live stream with someone else

TikTok wants to eliminate hate on its platform Good luck with that

Verified Expert Growth Marketing Agency: NoGood

Disabling this Facebook phone number setting is not an option

Facebook defends allowing third parties access to user messages

How Our Facebook Chatbot Started As a Social Project and Went Viral Globally

EU parliament pushes for Zuckerberg hearing to be live streamed

Facebook will clearly label fake news to prevent 2020 election interference

Read how Apple Amazon Facebook and Google plan to defend themselves to Congress