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Recodes Kara Swisher rips Facebook says tech giant was willfully ignorant

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Australia sues Facebook over its use of Onavo to snoop

Frontier technologies are moving closer to the center of venture investment

UK Facebook users now have a tool to report scam ads

Microsoft will renovate Silicon Valley campus into its smartest greenest office yet

Wordle brought tens of millions of new users to the New York Times

German government bodies urged to remove their Facebook Pages before next year

Microsoft gives 500 patents to startups

Facebook removes Trump campaign ads featuring Nazi symbol

No Mark Zuckerberg did not say Facebook will be adding Bitcoin

Facebook flags Biden video from Trumps social media director as partly false

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What China searched for in 2018: World Cup trade war Apple

Product School raises 25M in growth equity to scale its product training platform

Amazons roadmap for Alexa is scarier than anything Facebook or Twitter is doing

To curb lobbying power Elizabeth Warren wants to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment

Facebooks passion for blockchain may actually help the technology thrive

Gowalla raises 4 million from GV and Spark for its AR social app

Facebook AggregateIQ now being jointly probed by Canada BC data watchdogs

Spectrum Labs raises 32M for AIbased content moderation that monitors billions of conversations daily for toxicity

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi: selfdriving cars today are student drivers will ultimately be safer than humans

Facebook fined 0001 of its 2017 revenue for Cambridge Analytica scandal

Read the mudslinging pitches Facebooks PR firm sent us

Daily Crunch: Usedcar marketplace Sylndr lands 126M preseed round sets new record for MENA startups

Lawmakers will grill Snap TikTok and YouTube on kids and safety tomorrow

Tech watchdog campaign challenges big tech for hiding behind small business

Elastic acquisition spree continues as it acquires security startup CMD

Are Chatbots Right for Your Business

Facebook shares rise on strong Q3 users up 2 to 245B

Solve the startup creating an interactive Law Order for social media raises 20 million

Facebook Google and Twitter told to do more to fight fake news ahead of European elections

InfoSums first product touts decentralized big data insights

GeekWire Calendar: Full list of event postponements and cancellations in Seattle area

Social media boosting service exposed thousands of Instagram passwords

Marietje Schaake is very concerned about the future of democracy

Facebooks Libra Association adds crypto prime broker Tagomi

Facebook face recognition error looks awkward ahead of GDPR

Apple extends an inapp purchase exemption for some developers impacted by pandemic

Survey: Americans dont trust Big Tech or the government to prevent foreign election interference

Children are being datafied before weve understood the risks report warns

Facebooks first smart glasses make the case for faceworn wearables

Facebook and Microsoft join researchers to set up contest for deepfake video detection

Facebooks only factchecker for Dutch news quits over political ad controversy

Instagram refused to run an HIV preventative drug campaign because it contained politics