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Facebook paid teens to install an app to spy on their internet and phone use

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has committed 45 million to two political causes

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is evaluating deepfake policy

Facebook removed hundreds of fake accounts tied to Saudi government

Facebook says its ad transparency features will go live next month

Apple moves to thwart Facebook tracking

Facebooks new cooling system might make it easier to put data centers in hot places

Facebook emails shed light on early days of Cambridge Analytica scandal

Congresswoman lists 6 things Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he doesnt know but really should

Facebook expands its video Ad Breaks to 21 new countries

Facebook has autoenrolled users into a facial recognition test in Europe

Europes antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager set for expanded role in next Commission

Facebook will require political advertisers to provide further credentials or have their ads paused

Is Knotel poised to turn WeWork from a Unicorn into an Icarus

Facebooks AI makes little headway in the fight against hate speech

Videos of shooting tragedy in New Zealand continue resurfacing on social media

ACLU demands FBI explain request to wiretap Facebook Messenger

Facebook really needs more people to watch Stories in its main app

Which news platform will win in a postFacebook world

Facebook is suing an Instagram follow farm for inauthentic behavior

Former Facebook content moderator sues company for giving her PTSD

Companies and nonprofits can now post on Facebooks Community Help during a crisis

Facebook nabs Googles AR product director

Facebook admits Cambridge Analytica hijacked data on up to 87M users

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Competitions for Startups

European UK and US pols summon Zuck as FTC eyes probe of Facebook over data violations

Hear from investors at General Catalyst FirstMark Shasta at TC Sessions: ARVR

Facebooks accessibility ambitions

Facebook hiring at record pace adds more than 10k people to headcount in one year

Mozilla pulls ads off Facebook over data access concerns

Facebook to teens: Plz laugh at these old memes

Edward Snowden says Facebook is spying on you

Facebook just revealed yet another shady political influence campaign

Leaked transcript: Facebooks Zuckerberg thinks a Warren presidency would suck for us

Rare Bits launches a market for digital collectables

Former Facebook employee releases internal memo accusing the company of failing its black users and employees

Read Mark Zuckerbergs prepared testimony ahead of Facebook8217s congressional hearing

Cryptocurrency ad bans are a step in the right direction

Facebook unveils yet another tired plan to reduce problematic content

Facebook should actually be Tinder too

Inside the private event where Microsoft Google Salesforce and other rivals share security secrets

Most Americans believe tech companies should be regulated like news publishers survey finds

Slack hits 12M daily users heres how that compares to Microsoft Teams and other rivals

How Facebook plans to use machine learning to wipe out revenge porn

Facebook swears released internal emails are just one side of the story

Facebook reportedly suspends AggregateIQ over connection to improper datasharing

All the bans on cryptocurrency ads wont hurt legit crypto businesses

Hallmark competitor Facebook is back at it with Valentines Day cards

Calendar influencers Event social network IRL raises 8M

TLDR: Congress releases Zuckerbergs testimony earcleaning headphones Elon Musk shows off SpaceX tool