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Makers or breakers

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Apples Tim Cook calls for stronger privacy laws after the Facebook scandal

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In their first Russia hearing tech giants try to placate Congress with mixed results

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has committed 45 million to two political causes

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Germany wants a global minimum tax for tech giants revenue

Your Instagram account may have been compromised by hackers too

Facebook suspends Trumplinked data firm Cambridge Analytica

GDPR has cut ad trackers in Europe but helped Google study suggests

What is ProtonMail the service used by Cambridge Analytica to cover its tracks

Most Americans believe tech companies should be regulated like news publishers survey finds

Facebook reportedly suspends AggregateIQ over connection to improper datasharing

Mark Zuckerberg to finally speak out on Cambridge Analytica controversy: report

Data leak exposes 48M user profiles scraped from Facebook Zillow and other sites researcher says

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Bill and Melinda Gates join LinManuel Miranda to talk Hamilton global health AI and more

Mobile delivers high exit multiples despite broader market slowdown

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Facebook and Google will stop at nothing to squash leaks

Facebook will capitalize on your broken heart 8212 just in time for Valentines Day

Facebook says Cambridge Analytica got data on up to 87 million users

Yet another massive Facebook fail: Quiz app leaked data on 120M users for years

Elon Musk just deleted SpaceX Tesla Facebook pages

Mark Zuckerberg doesnt want to talk about tracking users whove logged out of Facebook

Dear social media companies: Here are some ideas for your next products

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