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YouTube moderators required to sign doc warning of jobrelated PTSD

YouTube under fire for recommending videos of kids with inappropriate comments

YouTube app gets fancy new AI that removes background like a green screen

YouTube suspends ads on Logan Pauls channels after recent pattern of behavior in videos

YouTube is actively enabling the spread of exploitative content report finds

A Google Cloud outage breaks Snapchat YouTube Gmail

TikToks new ad products invite users to interact with taps swipes likes and more

YouTube brings more ad formats and measurement to TVs

YouTube will try to prevent the next Logan Paul fiasco by cutting off the cash

Injured Seahawk Richard Sherman streams a live QA from his hospital bed here are the takeaways

This website lets you see how conspiracy theorists fall down the YouTube rabbit hole

The CW goes live on Hulu with Live TV

Heres why Redditors are flooding the YouTube video for Gangnam Style with meme stock comments

AlphaSense a search engine for analysis and business intel raises 50M led by Innovation Endeavors

Alphabet crushes Q2 earnings estimates as Google Cloud cuts losses grows 54

You can now watch YouTube with iPhones Picture in Picture mode without a premium account

Shopping Ads come to YouTubes home feed and search results

YouTube demonetizes Momo videos

Reminder: Other peoples lives are not fodder for your feeds

YouTube gives the boot to Partners who post duplicative content

3D Printing News Briefs: September 12 2018

On Black Friday youll be able to watch the entire Lego Movie in a YouTube ad

YouTube Originals will soon be free to watch for everyone

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai calls for federal tech regulation investments in cybersecurity

Atomicbacked Jumpcut uses data to advance diversity in film

Stock content service Storyblocks evolves with new partner program

Social media is giving us trypophobia

Google and YouTube say they wont allow ads or monetized content pushing climate denial

Beauty YouTubers are making their pets pick out their makeup in a delightful new challenge

Facebook limits the spread of quack cancer treatments but leaves wellness alone

YouTube is relaunching its premium ad offering as YouTube Select

YouTube TV is now available on Roku

3D Printing News Briefs: September 27 2018

Woman identified as YouTube shooter accused video platform of discrimination on her website

YouTubes Bumper Machine offers an automated way to create sixsecond ads

Howto video maker Jumprope launches to leapfrog YouTube

They scaled YouTube Now theyll shard everyone with PlanetScale

Looking to unblock YouTube You8217re not alone

Blippi is the YouTube star you need to know because your kids already do

YouTube launches a free DIY tool for businesses in need of short video ads

Minimalist room tours on YouTube will make you want to start fresh

How HalloweenCostumescom Boosts its Business with Google

Appeals court rules in favor of Google Apple Facebook and Twitter in anticonservative bias suit

YouTube and Gmail are down Update: And theyre back

YouTube puts human content moderators back to work

YouTube TV adds its first digitalonly networks with launch of two channels from Cheddar

YouTube TV adds a bunch of channels and cities8212for a price

Daily Crunch: Google reaches 170M settlement with FTC

YouTube employees who warned about toxic video problems were ignored

3D Printing News Briefs: September 26 2018