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Following Ninjas news Mixer pops to top of the App Stores free charts

Cerebri AI raises 5M Series A round led by M12 Microsofts venture fund

Microsoft Teams hits 145M daily active users up from 115M in October and 75M a year ago

Spice AI wants to help developers build smarter applications

Nocode industrial robotics programming startup Wandelbots raises 30 million

Tech Moves: Longtime Amazon leader Greg Hart joins Compass Icertis and Avanade hire execs

European Parliaments IMCO backs limits on tech giants ability to run tracking ads

GeekWire Podcast: We almost hacked the election Amazon vs Trump cashless stadiums

US patents hit record 333530 granted in 2019 IBM Samsung not the FAANGs lead the pack

Techies leave the likes of Apple and Amazon for greener pastures in the cannabis industry

Tape It launches an AIpowered music recording app for iPhone

Vape news: Microsoft forced to respond to viral videos of smoke billowing out of Xbox Series X

Twine raises 33M to add networking features to virtual events

For investors future of work isnt only about HR

GeekWire Podcast: Seattle regions new tech giant Slackforce analysis AWS re:Invent takeaways

Microsoft Healthcare reveals more of its strategy with new cloud and AI products for hospitals

Microsofts latest security updates aim to help companies with that one person who will click on anything

A91 Partners a new VC fund from former Sequoia Capital India execs closes 351M maiden fund

Startups Weekly: Oyos toxicity A farewell

Deci snaps up 21M for tech to build better AI models based on available data and compute power

As the JEDI cloud contract looms in the distance Microsoft gets two wins in Washington

Diving deep into Africas blossoming tech scene

Microsoft beats Wall Street expectations posting 306B in revenue powered by cloud division

Irish prime minister makes the tech rounds in Seattle and calls for more business ties

Microsoft fell behind in the digital assistant race and now it is trying to change the conversation

VMware doubles down on Bellevue as its partnerships with cloud providers deepen

Facebook datasharing partnerships with Amazon Microsoft and other tech giants at the center of latest privacy scandal

Creative uses of technology help conservationists save tigers wolverines and other vanishing species

Hany Farid and Peter Barrett will be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

Who will win the cloud CEOs offer wildly differing picks on the tech titan with the greatest opportunity ahead

Tech Moves: ExMicrosoft legal head joins UW health initiative Amazon mints another startup CFO

Amazon Web Services backs deeplearning format introduced by Microsoft and Facebook

GeekWire Summit Live: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and more

An EU coalition of techies is backing a privacypreserving standard for COVID19 contacts tracing

Were still just scratching the surface of the clouds potential

Microsoft buys Peer5 to boost largescale video streaming for Microsoft Teams

2020: The year the internet didnt crash

Alphabet crushes Q2 earnings estimates as Google Cloud cuts losses grows 54

Study calls out dark patterns in Facebook and Google that push users towards less privacy

US blames China for Exchange server hacks and ransomware attacks

Updated: Microsoft Azures southern US data center goes down for hours impacting Office365 and Active Directory customers

Microsoft Teams hits 115M users heres why Satya Nadella is excited about the platform

Divesting from one facial recognition startup Microsoft ends outside investments in the tech

Android users cant dial 911 because of Microsoft Teams

EU govt and public health sites are lousy with adtech study finds

Microsoft will bring Project xCloud game streaming service to Windows 10 PCs

Google discloses cloud revenue for the first time heres how it compares to Amazon and Microsoft

Success of web3 hinges on remedying its security challenges

Windows 95 and machine learning get a nod in dissent over Supreme Court gerrymandering ruling

Azure vs AWS for startups: Microsofts top marketing exec explains its strategy in the cloud